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Another MMORPG in mobile platform. A game that comes in different title but has the same concept. Auto-battle, auto-quest, VIP, top-up, boss, PVP, party, guild war and so on. We have a massive list for it and it falls on the same way on how you should dominate the game and that is what we are going to share to day.

As Musuo Glory you will get immersed yourself in the world were divine beings and demon coexist. As a hero fighting with good against evil, you need to master the art of swordplay that comes into a great adventure. Yeah, unlike with other MMO you have only one class to play in Musou Glory. Sounds boring right but the content will gives you dynamic from other players.

1. Farming and grinding cheat. This will help you lot in game. The cheat will let you earn as much as triple experience point and loots or double base on your party size. Actually this is a compensation from playing in party but what we are going here is to ensure that we will get the highest advantage.

Problem with the party system is the difficulty in finding a party to play with. There is also a case or a usual scenario when you leave your character for AFK grinding your party will get disconnected or they will not able to play the same way as yours. To solve this, what we are going to do is to create two accounts that will be joined as party. Now the question is how can you have three accounts to be played simultaneously. This is by using Nox Emulator’s multi drive. Yes you need to play on PC or else you need a three mobile gadget for it. Multi drive will let you enjoy a three virtual platform that is capable of running the game together.

2. Participate on server event. This is the reason why you should play on newest server. For every new server, there is a server event where you can get rewards from completing task such as endless trial reward, wings evolve rebate, group purchase, recharge reward, limited sale, wings rank reward, bonus for all and so on. If you are playing on the server without this event, you should wait for the new server so you can get the advantage from it.

3. Claim your rewards through gift codes. If you are one of those lucky players who claimed a gift code for pre-release, you can redeem your rewards through event tab and claim your gifts.

4. Claim rewards from downloading the entire content. This is what I like in this game. For those who just want to try the game, you are not going to download the entire content for a test. You can play the game without updating the entire game. In the case you want to play it you can download the complete resources in return of rewards. Of course this should be done with WIFI connection for faster completion.

5. Log-in daily. Don’t miss a single day to be in game to claim a daily rewards. You just need to login and you can quit if you want or if you are busy. Here you can claim freebies such as evolve rune, Mount equipment, orange armor, exclusive title, orange wrist, orange ring and the limited fashion: snow knight.

6. Get rewards from staying online. Unlike with daily log-in here you need to remain in game for a certain minutes or hour to claim rewards. Just let the game running with auto-battle system to complete all the list of rewards you can claim for this feature.

7. Don’t forget to participate in dungeon. The dungeon feature is limited daily so make sure to access this everyday for rewards. Here you have three modes such as Mount Dungeon, Trump Dungeon and Fairy Dungeon. Each dungeon can be access once daily and you can spend currency for reentering.

8. Take advantage the limited fortune cat. You won’t lose anything here. By using your premium currency you will get a chance to triple or double the value. The least multiplier is 1.1 times but still there is nothing to lose.

That’s it. Hope this Musou Glory cheats and guides will help you dominate the game. If you want to add something in my list or want to ask question, you can use the comment section below.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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  • Tengo una duda como se puede alcanzar la etapa epica de tu set aparte de los 7dias login que te regalan algunas de las partes? Alcanzando el refinamiento lvl10 el set se da uprade automáticamente? O necesitas algún ítem? No creó que sea a lvl10 porque veo jugadores con su refinamiento lvl6 y ya tienen la mayor parte de su set épico

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