Modern Combat Versus Guides and Tips

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Modern Combat Versus is a free fun online FPS. You can enjoy the new era of shooting games here. Select your agent and memorize your role. Make your team a supporter or defenders. Choose your agent and let your skills shine in this kind of warfare!

1. Don’t  Stop Moving

When you’re on the offensive, make sure you don’t stop moving- this is the greatest key in every exciting shooter game. Move to the left and right to make it harder for your opponent to hit and defeat you. This move also give you an advantage to explore the areas and help you to gather some kills.

2. Make Sure You Use Your Vision

It’s important to use your weapon’s vision when you’re trying to shoot someone at range. This ability can access by double tapping the right side of your device. Use auto mode to this ability, your weapon will automatically shoot when your vision land on an enemy. Make sure you have an accuracy specially if you want to do some important headshots and beat your enemies.

3. Use Your Abilities

Keep in mind that each character has their own unique abilities. These skills have a recharge time and perfectly fit to each agent’s class. You can get new Core charges after six seconds but you can also get additional charges by defeating your opponent. Don’t hesitate to use your abilities because your core charge gauge fills swiftly. Special skills give you a huge advantage in the battlefield and lead you to defeat all your enemies.

4. Try All Different Agents

There are 10 agents available in the game. Each of this has their own secondary skills, special power, equipment and stats. Try each agents to know their strength and feel their role inside the game. Even though you have an idea in each agent but trying them is the best way to understand of how they strategy run out. This is also help you to do some better things.

That’s all for our Modern Combat Versus Guides and Tips. If you have your own strategy that would like to share, then feel free to comment below. Enjoy Playing!

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