Mobius Final Fantasy Reroll Guides: Best Cards To Acquire

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Reroll is a test of patience that will rewards you a good jumpstart. This is a good trick to those who want to earn 3-star card without spending cash in game. But not to those who are not willing to start the game over and over again until they get the desired card. To compare it with Brave Exvius wherein we easily did unlimited reroll, this time we need more patience the game requires you to spend more time before you can do roll. Here you need to complete the tutorial (mandatory) as well as battles requires more time in terms of animation. Also I don’t think you can simply use guest account for every reroll and then just bind it if you got the desired cards. So technically you really need a new account on every attempt. I told you, you need patience.

Now the question is, if still worth it to reroll in Mobius Final Fantasy? Yes of course as with 3-star cards you can easily defeat most enemies in early phase of the game. Now if you are ready to roll you can follow these guides:

1. Play on standard graphics quality. Before you start completing the patch of the game, it will ask you to choose between normal version or high-quality graphics version. Unless you are playing Mobius Final Fantasy on PC, you must play on lower graphics so you can save your battery life. Keep in mind that you will do this for hours and since this is Final Fantasy expect that the graphics is superb and also consumes lots from your power supply. If you set it on high-end graphics, you can set it on lower quality later on.

2. Play the game and complete the tutorial until Vox left you (Sign post of Dawn). You can use auto-battle function. It will save your effort from playing the game so you will not get burned out easily. Actually in this part, I asked somebody to play the game for me until it reached the said progress for roll. There is nothing to rush in this game, while patience is always a virtue. While  there is a debate if it is better to use auto-battle or not since auto-battle only use basic attack and not abilities so if you a really in rush, playing manually will be better.

Now for you to get encouraged to do re-roll, let’s look on best cards you are able to get from re-roll:

*SS Rank Dragon Knight (Warrior class)

*SS Rank Warrior of Light (Warrior class)

*S Rank Dancer (Ranger class)

*S Rank Knight (Warrior class)

*S Rank Fat Chocobo (Support)

*S Rank Hermes (Support)

*A Rank Scholar (Mage class)

*A Rank Mage (Mage class)

*A Rank Moogle  (Support)

So once you get any from it, you can consider stop re-rolling.

That’s it for Mobius Final Fantasy Reroll guides and if you want to add cards you got from re-roll which has been not included in the list above, please let us know using comment form below.


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