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This guide is about Player Jobs and not with card job so please don’t be confused.You will start the game with 4 basic classes such as Warrior, Mage, Monk and Ranger. Each job has their own specialization such as warriors are good in both defense and physical damage, Ranger is good in critical hit and magic skills, mage is the best on magical damage and AoE skills and the unique class being the newest addition in game, Monk that depends on which moonk card you have in hand while most of the time Monk uses physical damage as good foundation in fighting enemies.

Now as for your primary job it is better to match your job and cards so you can activate the boost stats that usually come with higher attack power and break power. Now as for building your deck based on your class it is easy to determine which class your cards belong through the weapon icons. For warrior, you will see a sword icon, dual dagger for ranger, staff for mage and 3 scratch marks for monk. And it is frustrating for a newbie to ensure that your deck is full of class base on your main but don’t worry because there is still no disadvantage for including them in your deck only it will better if you have the specific class based on your main job.

Now aside from your initial / main job, you can grant second job through job class change wherein you will get a second set of skill panels which is more advanced from your initial class. As for instance you will see Sorceress for Mage that will unlock more potential in battle. Now for you to access the 2nd Skill panel, you must draw a Job Class Change card from the shop. In addition, as long as you have the required Skill Seeds or Skill Panel Openers, you are free to improve any panels on accessible pages from either 1st Skill Panel or 2nd Skill Panel. And all parameters and abilities unlocked will be activated to the job so you can have page 1, 2 3 and so on.

To compare this game with other Final Fantasy series this game has different job change system wherein there is active job change. This is an in-battle function which allows players to switch between two jobs. For you to unlock this function, you need to reach the prologue of chapter 4 from the storyline. Actually this is not difficult to unlock since the area shares the same name as the chapter title. Once unlocked you will see that decks will have main and sub buttons as an addition to your main screen located at the top left corner. As for your sub deck, it will automatically filled with the Onion Knight job but later on you are able to change it with better job. Now as for the rules of Main and Sub deck, you must understand that both deck can’t share the same cards but then you can use the same job for both decks. Also there is a cooldown of 4 turns before you can change your job so you better consider thinking whether you are going to change job or not. Though this cooldown can be reduced with auto ability. And for the damage you received in battle as well as debuffs and buffs from the active job will affect to other other job when changed. And ultimately, only skills seeds from the cards of the main deck will be considered for the skill seed bonus when you completed the battle but still both decks will receive experience points.

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