Mobius Final Fantasy Guides : How To Play In Multiplayer / Party

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This is what we really like from Mobius Final Fantasy which is not present in most iOS and Android games. Yes there is multiplayer mode but it is mostly deals with PvP or just score-based coop system. So there is no real party as what we commonly see in MMORPG. But not in this game because you can really play together with your friends. That is what this guide will teach you on how can you create a party as well as role to enjoy the multiplayer system of the Mobius Final Fantasy.

To start playing with your friends, you need to set up your Multiplayer deck. Go to card menu in multiplayer. Now you will work out your deck based on the style of gameplay you like or based on the best cards you have in your deck. Here you have 4 roles to choose from multiplayer mode with 4 members to fill up a complete party. In multiplayer mode, you can’t use rental cards so everything will be based on your effort as well as with your friends.

Now for you to decide which role you are going to take, here are previews on every role you can play with:

Attacker – If you decide to play as attacker, you will mainly use attacker abilities that is capable of filling up special attack gauge faster than any other party members. Also Attacker has the primary damage output of the team having most of death blows. To be the best in this role, you need to ensure to attack after a break is performed so you will inflict most damage. Now for your build, you need to focus your deck on offensive after the breaker made damage. In this way, the attacker can make a heavy blow on the opponent.

Defender – As a defender you must have deck with a very high defense card which will take damage from your opponent. So you have the highest HP boost in team and also have recovery ability  or a defense down ability to weaken enemy. Having a good defender in team will gives you some diversity on fighting opponent having tremendous amount of damage.

Breaker – We mentioned breaker above and this role reminds me of playing Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as you can have breaker there the has same concept here in Mobius. This role will fills up the deathblow gauge of the team which is capable of boosting the break power. As a breaker you have two functions in team, this is to create an initial attack before attacker and just like what we said above, you will fill the deathblow gauge for the team.

Support – The most underrated role in team in most games but actually also important. Support can boost up party members which is capable of making health and pink elements to appear often. This role provides health support, buffs as well as debuffs.

In building a good team, you need to ensure that you are going to stay on your role. If you are support, make sure your deck has all support needed for the team. Also from here you will see that mastery is better. You need to build up your deck based on the role you want to spend most of time. But here you need to ensure that you are always going to play with a team. You must have fixed party.

In case that you opened up a party and still no one is available to join on it, it will start automatically after 15 minutes. Just like what I’ve said, it would be better to have a good fixed party so you will work your deck based on your role. And if you are looking for friends to play with you, you can use the comment box below to request a party.



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