Mobile Legends : Vexana Item Build and Strategy Guide


A long, long time ago, there was a small country with a kind and caring king and queen, held in high esteem by their subjects. Under the protection of the god of light, they lived a peaceful life.But deep under the ground, a lord of the dark abyss was plotting to invade their land. The Dark Lord sent the enchanting vampire queen Alice to tempt the king. The king stopped attending court and no longer cared for his once beloved queen. With her husband’s betrayal, the queen’s sanity was razed by flames of jealousy, and to try to win back her husband’s heart, she made a deal with the dark lord to regain her youth and beauty. Every day in the kingdom another young and beautiful maiden went missing, and a panic fell over the people. The country grew weaker with each passing day, and the sacrifices demanded by the queen’s sorcerer grew as well. Finally, the kingdom collapsed, no more sacrifices could be found, and the devouring power of darkness suddenly caused the queen to turn wizened and frightening. A thousand years have passed, and this unknown kingdom has disappeared in the stream of history, leaving only the legend of the demon queen. Very few today connect this tale with the great and terrible Necromancer Vexana in the Land of Dawn. After all, it happened so, so long ago.


I’m happy to see that the game is releasing more technical heroes such as Lapa-lapu and now Vexana. It is how I see her skill, I admire that they are making the game more technical and not a pretty straightforward on their mechanics. Of course in this kind of hero, you need a in-depth understanding on how the skill works and how you are going to execute it on every decision making. Well to help you playing hero on her full potential I’m going to share to you my item build and strategy guide for Vexana.


+Fun to play, very challenge and rewarding hero.
+Very good teamfight presence
+Burst Damage

-Poor in Crowd Control
-Low mobility
-Always get ff’ed

Skills Build

Necromancy Spell – Adds an occult spell to targets who take damage from the Necromancer. While the spell lasts, the target will explode upon death, dealing magic damage to surrounding units (base damage increases with level). Units who receive plague damage from puppets will also have Necromancy Spell cast on them. This is a very powerful skill that works best on clearing mobs and doing indirect damage against the opposing laner. This will empower your skill a lot, just make sure to understand the way you will get compensated by this skill.

Charmed Specter – Unleashes ghostly power in a forward direction dealing magic damage. The first hero hit will lose control and move towards the Necromancer. This will be your bread-and-butter so you need to prioritize maximizing this skill over Nether Snare. This will be your crowd control so make sure to make this skill land on your target. Aside from dealing magical damage you can also use this for set up or initiating a trades.

Nether Snare – Summons an other-worldly power to deal magic damage to a specified location. Good skill for poking. I’m always on a hard decision about which I’m going to max first since Nether Snare is also a good skill from Vexana but like what I’ve said from my previous posts, I’m fan of crowd control and I’m always using the best of it to gain advantage over my opponent.

Cursed Oath – Puts a curse on enemy heroes (cannot be actively lifted), which deals magic damage, and causes the targets to receive magic damage per second. If a target dies while under the curse, the target will resurrect and become the Necromancer’s puppet, fighting for the Necromancer. A resurrected puppet will release plague to surrounding targets,dealing magic damage to them. With passive, Cursed Oath is very powerful spell not only from using it as a burst damage but also in executing good mechanics from a resurrected puppet you will get from killing your target. Just make sure before using this skill, you are going to kill your target so it will add up more pain to the opposing team.

Item Build

Ice Queen Wand – +75 Magic Power / +15 Mana Regen / +7% Movement Speed / Unique Passive – Ice Bound: Skills that damage an enemy hero will carry a 15% slow down effect. This effect lasts 3 seconds and can stack up to two times. This will solve the major disadvantage of this hero. Her lackness of mobility as well as with crowd control.

Arcane Boots – +15 Magic Penetration / Unique Passive: 40 Movement Speed / I found the power spike on this hero everytime she is with her teammate. So make sure as this moment, you are roaming to get more kills from other lane. Arcane boots will gives you a decent movement speed as well as magic penetration to improve your burst damage.

Glowing Wand – +75 Magic Power / +5% Movement Speed / +15 Magic Penetration / Unique Passive: Scorch: Burns the target for 3 seconds when the skills hit, dealing 2%/ 2.5%/3% of the target’s current HP as magic damage, at least 10 points. Call it greedy but to unleash the pull potential of this hero you need to ensure that you are going to get the last hit so the passive as well as her ultimate will activate. And securing a kill, I believe Glowing Wand will help you a lot. The Passive Scorch will gives you a higher percentage of last hitting your opponent. It also gives a decent magic power and another movement speed and magic penetration for roaming and burst damage.

Holy Crystal – +90 Magic Power / Unique + 25% Magic Power / Unique Passive: Exterminate: After a skill hits a target, magic attack will immediately increase 15%. The next skill damage will terminate this effect. This effect can last up to 3 seconds with a built-in cooldown time of 10 seconds. Talking about improving your magic damage, Holy Crystal has everything to pump up your damage. The unique state will boost your magic damage greatly as well as boosting your skill after successfully hitting your opponent with ability.

Blood Wings – +150 Magic Power / +150 Hp / Unique Passive: Nirvana: Adds 2 Hp for every 1 point of magic power. It has the best item in terms of magic power in game. Aside from damage it also boost your Hp for additional defense which is viable on late game.

Devil Tears – +65 Magic Power / Unique: +40% Magic Penetration / Unique Passive: Spellbreaker: When Hp is over 70%, the unique attribute for this equipment will increase by 30%. Get this item if you are dealing with hero invested on magic defense. This will tear down their armor so your skill can still propagate a burst damage. Otherwise you might want to get Immortality for additional survivability in late game.

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