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In every battle, the mystic warrior Tigreal always fought-in the front line and never suffered defeat. Even the vilest of enemies did not dare to challenge Tigreal on the battlefield, because they knew such as foolish action would only be met with Tigreal’s merciless blade. The name of Tigreal, a believer in the Lord of Light, has become synonymous with bravery and fearlessness. His Kingdom has conferred upon him the honorable title of Warrior of Light as a reward.


As main with Clint (marksman) and Natalia, a game with Tigreal on opposing side is always difficult for me to carry my team and win. This guy has incredible CC from movement speed to disable from him ultimate. Tigreal has outstanding defense in both magic and physical due to his passive. Ultimately he has gap-closer which is very important in initiating an attack.

I believe Tigreal is a must in every match as support in higher elo as this can pill and support carry well. His utility will keeps his allies effective in teamfight. With my guide below, I hope you will find yourself playing a perfect build and effective Tigreal’s mechanics.

+Natural Tank
+Highest amount of CC
+Good initiator

-Low mobility
-Can be kited hard
-Useless without team work


Fearless – Each attack increases his physical and magic defense by 3 stacking up to 10 times. (passive)

Attack Wave – Fires an attack wave in a specified direction, dealing 300 physical damage to the enemy and lowers the enemy movement speed by 50% that last for 2 seconds.

Sacred Hammer – Rushes in a specified direction and collides with the enemy. If the skill hits the target by success, the hero can launch a second-stage attack, dealing 180 physical damage and knocking the enemy airborne.

Implosion  Forcefully thrusts his sword into the earth, pulling surrounding enemies to himself and dealing 270 physical damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

Item Build

Demon’s Advent – +920 Hp / +54 Armor / Deter: When an enemy hero attacks, this ability will reduce his attack power by 4%. This effect lasts for 2 seconds and can stack up to 3 times.

Oracle – +850 Hp / +36 Magic Resist / +35 Hp Regen / +%10 Cooldown Reduction / Scream : Within 4 seconds afer being attacked, teh hero will regen 4% Hp. This effect has 8 seconds cooldown time. Get this item if the enemy support is Nana, Lolita or Rafaela as you need to get magic resist for their most attacks. If you are fighting against physical damage based heroes, you must get two armor set such as Demon’s Advent and Courage Bulwark.

Tough Boots – +22 Magic Resist / +40 Movement Speed / Fortitude : Increase Resilience by 25%

Courage Bulwark – +770 Hp / +45 Hp Regen / Bravery : Raises attack and defense of surrounding allies by 10%.

Blade Armor – +100 Armor / Counterstrike : Deals 25% of opponent’s physical attack as physical damage to an attacker when a basic attack is received. This is your primary damage output in this build that gives the highest amount of armor.

Cursed Helmet – +920 HP / +50 Magic Resistance / Unique Passive : Sacrifice deals 2% of one’s max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies. Higher Hp comes higher damage per second.

Strategy Guide

You will engage with your Sacred Hammer and this is about yes or no. When you successfully hit your target with it, that will be a clash otherwise you must retreat and find a good chance again for 5v5 teamfight. In case that you have the advantage especially in numbers you can still go for clash as you still have the ultimate for massive crowd control.

You must hit as many enemy as possible not just only squishy but it should be an AoE effect. That makes Tigreal a really pain in teamfight because they can disable as many heroes as possible.

For laning, just find a good chance to clash into 2v2 trades. Use bush as possible as this can help you get closer to your target aside from Sacred Hammer. From bush you can also use your Attack Wave to surprise them from behind or side.

At all time protect your carry. A good support knows his role and stay on it. Don’t chase your target too hard that makes you ignore your carry. They are your damage arsenal what you are going to do is to make them effective in trades or teamfight.

Below is my guide of how you should engage a teamfight as a tank/support. I already shared it in my Akai Item Build and Strategy Guide and I believe this will also help you play your Tigreal better.

*How to be a good initiator

You are initiator and this comes with good decision making. To help you whether you are going to engage or not, you may refer on the following questions:

Do we have team advantage in numbers?

You can simply answer it by looking at the map. Map will tell your teammate location. Look if they are close to you. You can also see enemy team from the map and figure out their number. Ironically, most players are not looking at the map when they are going to engage or especially in clash. If you see that circumstance gives you advantage in numbers, go for engage.

Do we have team advantage in items?

You can also answer it by looking on match up. There you can see players KDA as well as how many gold they farm in game. If you know that you are going to engage with well fed hero, better to hold in turret and wait for a gank. As a long-time player or MOBA I have a habit to check match-up including items, golds, KDA from time to time so I can have an idea when we go for engage or clash. If you know you have more than 1 thousand gold advantage, go for engage.

Do we have team advantage in position?

Again you can look at the map to check your current position. It is also good to consider your push as this will let you have a successful takedown. If you see that your carry is well positioned and you have a push that will tank turret’s damage for takedown, this clash is worth giving a try. If you are a good lane pusher, you know how you are going to work with push especially with cannon.

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