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Sun is a new legend from recent update and as a new in the league, I believe that there are lots of players asking for Sun build and strategy guide. Just like the Sun or Monkey King from other MOBA, he is based on deception and tricking his opponent for his advantage. His passive is about summoning a doppelganger that gives him HP regen based on his attack. His first ability is the Golden Cudgel Strike that deals 120 physical damage and slows the movement speed to 40% for 2 seconds. And for his ultimate he is going to summon 2 clones which double the overall arsenal of Monkey King. To make your Sun effective in battle here is the list of items that must be present in your every match:

Item Build

Just like with Chou’s build you will start with Crazed Reaper that gives +65 physical damage, 20% attack speed and +300 HP. This item gives everything you need in laning which are damage, attackspeed and HP for sustain and defense. To boost your sustain with your passive even more your next build should be Tooth of Greed that boost you with +75 physical attack and 25% lifesteal. That will gives you lane dominance especially after you reach level 6 for ultimate. And lastly for your core items, just add Tough boots that gives +40 movement speed and 22 magic resistance. I like building any melee based legend with armor/magic resist so it will stands in team fight longer. There is no point to focus on full damage unless you are carry. But considering Sun, he has the kit with almost all damage and what you need to improve is to make him stay longer in team fight or enemy team can easily zone you out or kill you.

For additional tankiness, you can buy Cursed Helmet for additional 920 HP and 50 magic resistance or Bruteforce Breastplace for HP and armor. Just build an item based on what type of damage does your opponent doing well. If you see that they are focus on spell caster, you can go for magic resist otherwise just always go for armor.

If you are team has lack of crowd control, you can go for Ice Frost as this adds up 1000 HP for dfense and slows target movement speed by 35% for CC.

The tricks in building any legends in this game is by means of considering your opponent. There is no perfect build as my build might not work or work on you. What is important is the core items and just build your hero based on what is happening in game. Add CC if you are lack of crowd control. Go for damage if your team is more focused on tank and so on.

Strategy Guide

I consider this legend as one of those difficult to master but very rewarding in game. You need to spend time mastering this legend especially on how doppelganger works. This passive can dodge most of attacks as well as you can use in offense. His slow is very effective in harassing laner and his ultimate for improving his damage output.

Build as tank and yet there will be no downside from your damage. Sun is has decent damage no matter what. And with armor and regen, it will makes you almost immortal against tank legends.

Sun is also good in filling and supporting the carry using CC. Unlike in most support that deals little damage, Sun can be also threat to anyone and if you know that someone is going to kill your carry, just fill it, they will ignore you as they will think that you are a tank but with your slow, ultimate and first skill, that will be a sure kill.

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