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After the success of posting guides in MOBA Legends, today we want to add new game to our list under this genre, Mobile Legends. Actually this is not considerably a new as this app already reached 10 million downloads and it is a shame for us to missed such good game like this. Maybe because we are all focus in Action Role Playing game back then and as we found success in MOBA Legends, we want to expand our content with Massively Multiplayer Battle Arena game in both Android and iOS powered device.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA based game for mobile device and just like the most games under this genre you can do same stuff here only the difference is you can play this game in  mobile device. So you can join your friends into 5v5 battle system. You can use several heroes that provide different gameplay from different role and build up your team to reach the top of the league.

To compare this game in MOBA Legends, Moonton, developer of Mobile Legends is very proud to say that you can queue in this game in matter of seconds. It is true that matchmaking is hard time in most MOBA but since Mobile Legends already reached 1o million downloads it is not really difficult to get a match with other players around the world.

In addition, the game has simple controls and very easy to master. You are in game using a virtual joystick on the left and skill buttons on the right that you can tap using two fingers. With a simple game comes a great competition. This is not new in most MOBA and to win it most of the time players are pushing their capabilities using money. Well here in our website spending money is not a choice as you can do different tricks and strategy to make sure you still have the advantage even as free-to-play user and that is what we are going to share here.

1. Mastery is the key. Bruce Lee once said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.” It means mastery and I also apply this principle personally which you can also use in playing Mobile Legends. You don’t need to practice all characters in game to win the game as you just started playing the game. Take it little by little and by narrowing your vision of mastering a single character/legend. You can try all character but then select the best based on your play-style, role, personal preferences. Master it not by stopping when you get it right but when your are not getting wrong in it. (Don’t confuse the term wrong and losing.) You can master a character and get lose just learn everything about a single character first and that will bring you for a better understanding about this game.

2. Know and stick on your role. This is a common mistake of newbie in playing MOBA. The game is about teamwork and strategy and to play it well you need to know your role in game and perform it. You are not only there to fight the opposing team but to fight it with team play as for the fact of you can’t handle them all alone. As for the role these are different roles in game.

*Carry – Although all roles are important in this game but carry must be played by advanced players since this is the primary arsenal of the team. Everyone is focus on carry as the damage dealer in game. They are boosted and aid by support being the most ambitious and dangerous in clash. Carry comes mostly in marksmen as this class is focus on damage. Aside from marksmen, burst damager or AoE skill users can be carry as they are also focus on damage and winning team-fight through AoE skills.

*Tank – The initiator in team as well as front liner. Tank takes most damage in the team fight filling and supporting carries so they can perform their role – killing the opposing team as fast as possible. If you play this role, you must be good in decision making. You need to ensure that before starting a clash everyone is in good position and you can win the team fight. Once you get in, your team will follow you and this is a decision between losing and winning most fight. Wrong decision will easily turn the tide of the game. As a tank, this role filled with melee fighter with defensive abilities that can sustain massive damage and crowd control to protect carries.

* Support – The least favored and underrated role in most MOBA. You will see that most players wants to play as carry so they have the spotlight. Only few players (mostly advanced) understand how important this role. You are support and you need to ensure that your carry will stand longer in fight. Poor support comes with poor carries and that will makes your team lose the game.

*Jungler – Unlike in all roles that are in lane, jungler is the role needs to dominate the entire map. You must ensure a map control and a gank for disadvantage lane. This role can be a initiator, a filler or perform the primary objective in game in taking down towers and counter ganking. As a jungler you need to ensure that you have sustain and a good clear as you will easily get left behind over other role (except of support) in lane.

Now for application, if you are carry act like a carry. You need to survive in engagement. You are damage dealer and there is no really difficult for you to eliminate if you are positioned well for free-hit. As a carry you are not there to kill the opposing carry, just hit the nearest and the big threat on you based on your position. If you are good in kiting, positioning, and survival, this role is for you.

If you want to play humbly and let other do the team objective, you can play as support. Make sure to keep your eye to your Carry and fill all the threats that will come in their way.

3. Practice perfect creep score. This is very important in MOBA. You can get advantage from two things, either through kill or through creep score. If you know that you are dealing lane bully or a good duelist, you better focus on killing creep and get most gold from it. I know that this takes lot of practice so don’t be easily disappoint if you have a poor CS in the first place. The reason I said that you must master a single character so you can also master their capability in killing creeps. Keep in mind that every legend has their own damage rate so keeping a last hit will be different from every character. The more time you spend on a legend you are using, the more you understand their damage per level and the item you are using so you can improve your CS in the long run.

4. Map awareness. This is very important, make sure mind the mini-map so you will know the location of your allies and opponents. Map awareness is very important in all roles not only for jungler who needs to control the map but also laners as they are prone in getting gank. Make sure you have always an eye in your mini-map. The problem in map awareness is when you are in clash. Most of the time, when players is in the middle of clash or they are facing a fight, they don’t look at mini-map at all. Well you must need to so you know the chance of losing or winning the team fight. From mini-map you will know if you have the advantage over numbers, you may also know the location of your carry and the opposing carry and this is very important in playing MOBA.

That’s all for now. Actually I want to share advanced guides for this game as what I’ve learned from years of playing such game not only for mobile legends but other advance MOBA like DotA and League of Legends. I guess it would be better if I’m going to create a new post for advanced guides and let this first post for mobile legends to be an introduction or a basic strategy guides in keeping you build up a good foundation in playing this game in mobile device.

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