Mobile Legends : Saber Item Build and Strategy Guide


Scientist from another world gathered DNA from sword masters of hundreds of different races to create the ultimate swordsman using advanced technology. They named him Saber. His sword can tear a whole in space time, allowing him to travel to any place or time. His skills as a swordsman make him difficult to defeat, and also lonely beyond compare. After countless challengers were drawn to the land of dawn, Saber also turned his sights on this place, ripping through the fabric of space and time to set food in the land of dawn and find an opponent worthy enough to face him.


Enemy’s Bane – Each attack will lower target’s physical defense by 3%. Stacks up to 10 times and lasts 2 seconds.

Flying Sword – Shoots out 4 flying swords, with each sword dealing up to 160 physical damage. Swords will spin by the target for a time and then fly back to Saber. Using the Charge ability will call the swords back earlier. 8 Seconds cooldown. 85 mana cost.

Charge – Charges towards a specified place, dealing 80 physical damage to enemies along the way. 7 seconds cooldown. 60 mana cost.

Triple Sweep – Attacks an enemy hero, knocking the target airborne and then dealing 3 blows in a row, each blow causing 220 physical damage to enemy.

Item Build

Crazed Reaper – +65 Physical Attack / +300 HP / +20% Attack Speed / Basic attacks will increase hero’s movement speed by 10% / Basic attacks will lower target physical armor by 7. This effect can stack up to 5 times. This item has everything you need from early power spike. Gives damage, attack speed and HP as the core stats for Saber.

Tooth of Greed – +75 Physical Attack / 25% Lifesteal / Frenzy : When HP drops below 20%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal. Very good for sustain as well as trading with tanks and duelist. This proc a lot with Saber’s kit because of physical damage.

Warrior Boots – +40 Movement speed / Physical defense will go up 3 with each basic attack received, for an increase of up to 15 points, lasting 3 seconds. Basic item for movement. I put in as my third item as I believe that I need Crazed Reaper and Tooth of Greed than movement speed for lane dominance with damage and sustain.

Cursed Helmet – +920 HP / +50 Magic Resistance / Unique Passive : Sacrifice deals 2% of one’s max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies. As you can see I build up armor and magic resist from Bruteforce and cursed helmet. Saber has all damage from his kit but this damage can be nonsense if you can’t stand in teamfight longer. That is why I you need to invest on your armor and magic resist for late game. Just go first on item based on what you need. If the enemy team has physical damage based hero who are getting dominated, get Breastplate over  Cursed Helmet otherwise build your magic resist first.

Brute Force Breastplate – +700Hp / +40 Armor / Brute Force : Attacking an emey will increase one’s capabilities, increasing movement speed by 2% and physical attack by 3%. This effect lasts for 4 seconds and can stack up to 4.

Immortality – +800 HP / +40 Magic Resistance / Rebirth : Resurrect after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP. Shield lasts for 3 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown. The last item that gives you extra survivalability.

Strategy Guide

This hero has a big resemblance with Yun Zhao mechanics. So if you found that hero effective on your play style, Saber will requires you with almost same experience. As how we build Yun Zhao, we work the same equipment concept with Saber only we add Immortality as another option for improving your survival in clash. What I really like with Saber is his kit that lowers armor which work against tank. Yun Zhao is a good pick against tank hero and with the item build we recommend above, there is no doubt that you can beat anyone that will come in your in way 1v1.

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  • Hai there the saber player favourite..can you modify the mobile legend recomended for the equipment permenent that we use for fight such as continouse damage,burst damage and jungling damage..cause its seem like confuse to make a choice for the matching equipment..i suggest you make another recomended equipment for sell it all together that we build for matching recomended equipment is defferent people to use it…

  • Umm I don’t want to be rude but I recommend endless battle in me In first game,the mama isn’t enough It also have life steal which is pretty handy

  • Saber :
    Hunter Strike + Dominance Ice + Magic or Warrior Boots (Depends) + Magic blade + Blade of Destruction + Immortality + change boots later at last items to Blade of Despair = VICTORY

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