Mobile Legends : Reducing The Chance Of Playing With AFK’rs


I want to share to you a Mobile Legends Tips on how we can reduce the chance of getting team-up with AFK’rs or those players who experiencing lag issues or worst being disconnected in game. I know how disappointing to get lose because you have DC’d teammate. I hope that like in League of Legends, there will be a remake wherein the game will be forfeited if one of players failed to connect in game with defeat penalty. It doesn’t matter how good you are, 4v5 match up is really a big disadvantage to outnumbered team. It is also not exciting to play against a team with only 4 players in case that the scenario happen to my opponent.

Actually the best way to ensure that your teammate will not experience a problem is to play with your friends instead of just doing random Solo Queue. But if you are like me who wants to play or for any reason you don’t have teammate, this is a simple tricks you can do.

Before accepting once you do match-make, you will have a clue if the players is experiencing a problem or not. Actually the main reason for this match-making acceptance is to know if players are not AFK and ready to play. But the problem in Mobile Legends, even there is a one player that goes AFK, it will start automatically.

It is really sucks, I already reported it on their forum and they said they work on it. But until now nothing changed. Actually they don’t have plan to change it at all. Most players of Mobile Legends enjoy the fast-face system of the game compare on major MOBA on PC. That system hasten up everything in game instead of doing a queue again, they will start the game automatically assuming that the player will reconnect somehow.

So here’s now the trick, instead of accepting right away, just wait for everyone to accept to ensure that everyone is there and they they are not experiencing any problem. By doing this, you have an option to go or not if there is a one players failed to do the AFK check. And of course you will deny the checking and wait for next queuing. This will deduct one point from your credits but that’s OK instead of losing in a very bad game of 4v5.

Actually I also do this with my friend. I know it is not good to judge people by their appearance but when I see that I get team-up with a kid or girl based on their Facebook Avatar, we use to deny the checking and go for another matchmaking. We are serious as we precious our time playing this game. We don’t want them to waste our time and no chance on experiencing playing a good game. Anyway it’s up to you if you are going to do that or not. For me that is how I decrease the chance of playing with players experiencing issues. Good luck!

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