Mobile Legends : Rafaela Pro AD MVP Gear Build and Tips


Because of the upcoming new hero of Mobile Legends, many players speculate that Estes will replace a support build Rafaela. Some are saying that this will a RIP to the traditional healer of Mobile Legends. Unlike Rafaela, Estes has good killing potential in game that will outclass Raf. And if you believe that Rafela will become useless in game now, let me convince that you Rafaela is still good especially if you are going to follow my Pro AD build. Though I like building her as full tank/support for a teamplay but if i’m going to play as carry, Rafaela is also one of my favorite picks next to Layla.

Now if you want to know the tricks of playing Rafaela the way I did, just check my guide below.

+Very good kiting potential.
+Good Range and Attack speed.
+Good sustain
+Good bully once fed.

-Can’t play as full support
-Can’t do trades against on other marksman with same progress.

Her slow against to her opponent and her movement bonus will makes her best in kiting. Kiting is very important in marksman. This will define how good the marksman is. And with Rafaela’s potential in kiting, plus her good range,  you can easily gain lane dominance.

With lane dominance, you can easily get fed and bully your opposing laner. You can easily let him deny all the possible gold he can earn in laning through advance positioning.

She has also a good sustain so you don’t need to buy Tooth of Greed as first item but rather a better offensive items such as Thor’s Sting and Scarlet Phantom.

For her disadvantage on this build, AD Rafaela is squishy as hell compare to traditional build of playing support/tank. And since you can’t play as full support, expect that your teammate will bash you. But don’t let them down your game.. This is your game and you are playing for your enjoyment, you know what you are doing more than them. Just ignore them and show that you can carry the game.

And for the primary disadvantage of this build, you can’t do trades with other marksman with the same progress as yours. You need to get fed no matter what. You need to bully your prey as possible. Failing to do this will be hard late game for you. If you missed the part of lane dominance, I suggest to build your Rafaela a full tank otherwise, just follow the item build below.

Item Build

Thor’s Sting – I’m not fan of this item actually. I don’t buy it for Layla and Miya since I need a slot for an early Tooth Greed for sustain. However in case of Rafaela, you don’t need Tooth of Greed since you already have sustain with her 2nd skill. Instead, you are going to buy a good offensive item that will help you farm. This is how Thor’s Sting will come in to play. With additional movement speed, this will also help you to bully your opposing laner.

Scarlet Phantom – Since you already have critical chance rate with Thor’s Sting, you can now improve it with other items such as Scarlet Phantom or Blade of Destruction. This will be your second item where you can get a good power spike since typical players at this time, is building their movement speed. Rafaela is a good laner and you will never have a problem with your movement speed, so instead of investing for another movement boost, go for damage that improves your first investment with critical rate chance of Thor’s Sting.

Attack Speed boots – Since this is AD build, nothing can beat Swift Boots. At this point, I’m expecting that you already have 5-0 and you are ready to roam and kill heroes from other lane. In roaming, movement speed will help you a lot to your objective.

Destruction Blade – Once I got this item I already have 20-0 kills. This is enough to end the game but of course I’m enjoying to bully my opponent into 1v3 engage. With a very good movement speed, I can’t easily kite them and control the turn of the fight.

For additional damage items you can buy, Blade of Despair which is perfect to increase your damage once your opponent get hit with your first skill. For your final item, there are times that I buy Tooth of Greed so I can do a trade without minding my sustain. If I’m against two tanks, I buy Wind Chaser or Devour.

If I made it to late game, I sell my boots and buy Crazed Reaper for additional damage and armor penetration. It has also movement speed boost to cover the stats of my boots.

I hope by following my Pro MVP build for Rafaela, you are able to obtain the same result from mine. If you have a question regarding with this build you can ask it through comment section below.

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