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Rafaela is an angel capable of miraculously healing anything. It is said that when she appears, all pain suddenly vanishes, all wounds instantly heal, and all evil dispereses like rain clouds when the sun comes out. Now Rafaella has descended upon the Land of Dawn in the hopes of using her miraculous powers to restore peace to the land.


The favorite support of most players because of her great sustain, crowd control with slow and stun, and a guarantee that he is not able to get the kill from carry (unless he is going to build with damage). Well this guide will share to you how can play Rafaela as support effectively. Seeing this hero in match will guarantee you that scoring a kill is not really either in laning or teamfight.

+Very good in sustain
+Good crowd control
+Good buffs

-Squishy compare to other support
-low mobility (aside from passive)
-focus fired in most matches


Heaven’s Blessing – Damage-dealing abilities will slow down enemies for 1.5 seconds and healing abilities will speed up allies for 1 second.

Light of Retribution – Uses the power of holy light to deal 220 magic damage to nearest three enemies.

Holy Healing – Summons holy light to regenerates 410 Hp for herself and the most injured ally near her, and also regens 100 Hp for other allied heroes.

Holy Baptism – Uses Holy Light to punish enemies before her, dealing 460 magic damage and stunning targets for 1.5 seconds.

Item Build

Enchanted Talisman – +55 Magic Power / +400 Hp / +25 Mana Regen / +20% Cooldown Reduction / Mana Sprint : A kill or assist regens 20% of hero’s Mana within 5 seconds. You need a lot of mana regen and cooldown reduction so you can spam your heal.

Magic Shoes – +40 Movement speed / 10% cooldown reduction. You need to improve your movement as soon as possible as she is low in mobility.

Dominance Ice – +500 Mana / +70 Armor / +5% Critical Strike Rate Reduction / +20% Cooldown Reduction / Artic Cold : Lowers movement speed by 5% and attack speed by 30% for nearby enemy heroes. Together with Talisman these are Rafaela’s core items. Decent armor and mana plus a very good passive that improves his low mobility and debuffs AD carry.

Oracle – +850 Hp / +36 Magic Resist / +35 Hp Regen / +%10 Cooldown Reduction / Scream : Within 4 seconds afer being attacked, teh hero will regen 4% Hp. This effect has 8 seconds cooldown time.

Saint’s Refuge – +900 Hp / +56 Magic Resistance / Refuge : every 30 seconds ge one shield that can absorb 450-1150 damage. (Shield effect increases as the battle goes on) Dominance Ice can punish AD carry attack speed so the biggest threat now in your defense are burst magic based heroes. Saint’s Refuge is a good item against them as shield can help you from burst damage as well as giving you enough magic resist.

Immortality – +800 Hp / +40 magic resistance / Rebirth : resurrect in 2 seconds after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP. Shield last for 3 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown. Like what I’ve said as downside of playing Rafaela you will get focused fire most of the time so you need Immortality to improve your survival rate in battle. Keep in mind even we geared her with most of armor and magic resist, you can’t still absorb most damage from all enemy heroes as she is not natural tank. Actually even tank is still vulnerable if the enemy carry has armor penetration.

Strategy Guide

Spam your heal that is all they want from you. With Rafaela as support, most carries will play aggressively as they know they have fountain in life to support trades and some aggressive trades.

Position well so you can execute your ultimate accurately for your carries as well as your damaging abilities for crowd control.

You must think not a tank but rather a fragile hero who has unlimited sustain. Don’t go in line of fire but to remain in bush or hide yourself from being focused fire.

Communicate with your carry well. Most of your time should be spend in looking at the map to protect yourself from gank. Let the carry do the CS and you as support for utility and map awareness.

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