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It sounds odd to others but if you are going to build your Nana like how I did, you will see how can you easily dominate the game and become MVP. So first why I thought of this build, because of Nana’s outstanding utility and crowd control. And this advantage can be useful enough to give her a chance to do decent damage from basic attacks. Also Nana has consider one of the top tier hero when it comes on attack speed. I don’t if you noticed it but trying to look on screenshot below, she has edge in other marksman:

Nana Attributes
Layla Attributes
Miya Attributes
Clint Attributes
Bruno Attributes

But then must understand that nothing can substitute marksman in dealing attack damage. They have abilities that procs or improve their basic attacks that makes them a good AD carry.

From there we agreed that Nana has a potential on being AD because of her attack speed. Though it is just really few points but considering that this is only from her base stats, it will grow bigger on every level up.

Gear Build

Now for the build, this what I believe the perfect gear for Nana AD from dozen of matches experimenting. From chronological of which item should be first to buy up to the most effective stats to focus such as with critical, attack speed, lifesteal and attack speed.

Blade of Despair – +130 Physical Attack / +25% attack speed / 10% Critical Strike chance / Despair : deals an extra 15% damage to an enemy in abnormal state (stunned, knocked airborne, transformed, disabled). This is the core item for this build. This item will amplify damage on enemy that is in abnormal state. We all know that Nana has two abilities that disable her target. This equipment will bring out additional damage towards her target.

Scarlet Phantom – +30 Physical attack / +40% attack speed / +10% Critical Strike Chance / Frenzy : Critical strikes will increase the hero’s attack speedy by 35% and critical strike rate to 10% that lasts for 2 seconds. Instead of getting boots, we will buy Scarlet Phantom as we don’t need too much mobility on Nana because she has her passive that improves movement speed everytime she use skill. Getting another offensive item instead of boots will gives you lane dominance. Just make sure you are not going anywhere in the map as you don’t have enough movement speed to gives you ease on walking around. What you need to do is to stay on your lane and do farm as possible.

Swift Boots – 15% attack speed / +40 movement speed. This is the time that you need to buy boots wherein you can go to other lane and get additional kill from them.

Blade of Destruction – +75 Physical Attack / 20% Critical Strike Chance / 50% Critical Damage / Doom : Critical strikes will increase on’e physical attack by 5% lasting 2 seconds. Since you already have a good investment with your critical strike from both Blade of Despair and Scarlet Phantom, buy Blade of Destruction to add up your damage from critical strike.

Fallen Sword – +10% lifesteal as well as +45 physical damage and +30% attack speed. Good attack all around equipment for AD carry that gives lifesteal, damage and attack speed.

Tooth of Greed – +75 Physical Attack / 25% Lifesteal / Frenzy : When HP drops below 20%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal. This will gives you lifesteal so you can stay longer in trades. I always getting this item in my last set wherein I already have lots of damage to improve lifesteal. I also use other gear instead of Tooth of Greed. I buy Wind Chase in case there are 2-3 tanks in enemy team.


Just poke your enemy with 2nd skill – 1st skill – basic attack – ultimate – basic attack combo. Once the enemy is morphed/airborne it can do nothing against you. Take that as your opportunity to do free hit. Nana is very good laner because of her outstanding utility. And unlike on typical build wherein she need to wait on her ability cooldown to add threat in game, now the threat is continuous from her disable up to basic attack damage.

Also you should spam your 2nd skill over your 1st skill. Don’t forget that you are AD build and your skill is not meant for damage. In this concept, it is not good to spam your first skill unless you have lots of mana to spend of. Either way you should use your 2nd skill so you can buy time for your free hit and that will be your primary arsenal in game.

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