Mobile Legends: No Loss Star/Record Cheats


Like what we said on Mobile Legends Match Making cheat, we want also to share this not for players to take advantage but for devs to take action before it go rampant in game. I discovered it accidentally and at first I really don’t know how I made that my match history missed my loss as well as my rank retained. From the incident as far as I remember, I just quit the game because my mom called me. So I didn’t know what happened if we won or lose. There is no record.

I had experiment a lot about this glitch. I quit again but the lose record reflected. I also quit in last minute before our main base destroyed and still no luck. Until today after trying my theory 5 times into different accounts it worked and that is what I’m going to share to you.

This cheat is not only working for losing but also when winning. The glitch is actually about recording your previous match. Of course it will benefits you in case that you are going to lose in game.

To make it work, you need to surrender and when you see the note, “Our team concede defeat” (actually I really don’t remember the exact message) that is the time that you are going to immediately close the application. Then open the game again and it will bring you to lobby. Check your match history and you will not see any defeat record.

The key in this cheat is that your team need to surrender and before the main base destroy. Of course that is not a one-side decision since there are players who really want to play it to the end. That is why it is better to play with your pre-made team so deciding for surrender will never be a problem.

I believe that despite of sharing our best item guides and strategy for Mobile Legends, losing is inevitable, well not this time.

Hope devs will fix this issue soon. Based in our experience on game bug, the fix will be on top priority if there are several players are using it. That is why we decided to share this kind of cheat. Actually there are some players wanted us to delete this post so it will not be patched and those who knew will abuse it for their interest.

If you are with us who want this glitch to be fixed, please share it to your friends and spread it until it get the attention of devs.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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