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After giving you a legend spotlight on Miya, today we want to share to you the build and strategy guide on how you should play Minotaur. This legend is very interesting to play especially for those who love the tank role. Minotaur is a symbol of power for the entire kingdom until he was defeated by a stranger (I think he is Thesus). With the incident he had trained alone in his labyrinth and hoping for the day to get his vengeance on this man. Due to process of training he endowed himself with intelligence as he learned how to concentrate his fury into power. You can take a look in this guide to play Minotaur well and use their advantage in battle.


Despair Hammer – Wields a warhammer an deals 350 physical damage to enemies within melee range in front of him, also lowering their movement speed 65%, If in Rage Mode, attack range will expand greatly. 8 seconds cooldown.

Motivation Roar – Encourages himself and the surrounding allies, healing 340 HP for himself an giving allies 50% healing. If in Rage Mode .a Rage Regen effect will be activated for 2 sec, allowing him to regen HP after taking damage. 11 seconds cooldown.

Minoan Fury  – Strikes the ground 3 times in a row, causing shock waves that deal 360 physical damage to nearby enemies as well as 180 true damage. Also lowers target movement speed 50%. If in Rage Mode, his striking speed will increase and enemies will be knocked airborne. 40 seconds cooldown.

Rage –  When abilities or basic attacks hit enemies, Minotaur will become more enraged. When Rage is full, Minotaur will enter Rage Mode an receive extra armor and magic resist (effects increase with level), as well as extra effects for his abilities. When Rage Mode subsides, Minotaur will be unable to build up Rage for a time. Passive.


You can play Mino as bruiser/fighter or tank  support/jungler but if you are going to ask about how we build our Minotaur, it should be play as tank as his regeneration boost, CC, and his Rage skill where it boost both armor and magic resist. You should max out the first skills as this will let you slow down the target while dealing damage. You have also sustain in battle which you can spam because of zero mana cost.

Before initiating, make sure your rage is near to get ready so you can use it in battle. You can charge it in the jungle so it will give a surprise to your enemies. Mino’s ultimate is a game changer as this is capable of knocking out the enemies and airborned giving them helpless while you and your team attacking them. After executing the attack, you can use the stun and despair hammer to add more CC and damage against opponent.

Minotaur Build

We are all agreed that you will build your Mino as tank, so we will focus into two major parts; these are magic defense and armor. Invest on item that counter the opposing team. If your opponent getting kills from magic user, start with magic defense otherwise you can build on armor which is common as a jungler/support you need armor so you can tank most neutral creeps or carry. Like what we’ve said in our Mobile Legends strategy guides, you need to build based on circumstances as there is no perfect build at all that works for all circumstances. So if you see that your opponent has legends such as Miya, Bruno, Laila, Yunzhao, you can focus your build in armor as they are more on physical damage. And you can go for magic defense if the team has Nana, Eudora or Alice.

As you can see I’m not fan of hybrid. If you want to go for tank, build as a tank let your other teammate do the damage. In MOBA, the fact is, you can’t do everything. And when it comes to team work, you must only do your part the best you can be and you will win the match.

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