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We received this report as possibility to cheat Mobile Legends and after doing some test, yeah it works. Before we are going to share to you this cheat in matchmaking, first we want to clarify that we don’t encourage by any means to cheat this game. We are only going to publicly reveal it so devs will get warned and hopefully they will release a fix for it. So let’s go!

The idea in this cheat is to match and play with your alternative/dummy accounts. With your dummy account, you will just leave it in AFK so your main team can win the match easily. In building up your main team, as from our experiment, the best thing is to create a 3-member team. Invite your friends who are aware that you are going to cheat Mobile Legends queue.

On the opposite team which you might way to play with, you will also create a 3-member team. Now why 3 members only and not 5 or duo. Because trio is the less common party in game. Being the least number of possible team to queue, it will be a high chance that you will get matched with your dummy accounts.

With your both teams are ready, you can start matchmaking simultaneously and hope that you will get matched with your dummy team. If you get matched with the wrong team, just deny it and try for another Q until you get the right team.

Don’t not worry with you rank, because the game prioritize players availability over tiers. This is the reason why even you are Epic or Legendary you still experience matching with Warrior and Elite because there is no Epic or Legendary available to play with you.

Now to make it possible for you to have 4 accounts at the same time (1 main account and 3 dummies), the best thing you can do is to play Mobile Legends on PC using Nox emulator. Nox emulator has multi-drive function where you can open several instances. It will be easiest for you to play it in this manner than getting 4 different gadgets.

Task Bar Screenshot of Nox Multi-drive playing 4 accounts at the same time.

The reason why this cheat works is because the game has low-to-zero penalty on dodging queue, meaning you can simply deny accepting the match if you want. Also, the matchmaking system doesn’t stick on players division, that is why even a dummy account can be matched against main or higher tier account.

That’s it. With this cheat you can reach Glorious Legend in less than a week since you can guarantee winning in every match. I know this is so desperate moves to do but like what we’ve said, we shared it so devs will do something in this kind of activity in game and not to let players climb division they don’t deserve.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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