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Lolita was born in a distant elven village, living a happy, uneventful life. That is, until war brought an end to those peaceful, safe days. Her whole village was destroyed in the war; her family torn apart. Just as her own life was a in grave peril, Rooney, the master machinist of the City of Scholars, found her when he was passing through and took her back to Eruditio. To shoe her gratitude to the city, Lolita joined the City Guard and swore an oath to the death to defend its honor. Bruno very much admired and understood this young lef maiden’s spirit, and so he put in a request with the city scholars for their most advanced tech crystal — the Noumenon Energy Core — and bestowed it to Lolita. This powerful energy core endeavors Lolita’s tiny frame with the ability to discharge massive burst of force, even allowing her to control a giant mechanical hammer with ease.


This guide is about how to play Lolita as a support effectively. I found support is the best role for her because of her skills such as Noumenon Enegy Core that gives allies a shield. Energy rocket is a good crowd control that slows and stun your target. Protective shield that protect your allies and yourself against ranged heroes and Noumenon Blast that slow down the enemy heroes for a good set up and engage.

Also what I really like with Lolita is the natural tankiness. I’m fan of using tank hero as support so I can easily intimidate enemy carry and support squishy allies. She is also not item reliant so even without taking the kill you can still be effective until late game. All you have to do get the best build for Lolita to be effective in teamfight which we are going to discuss below.

+Natural Tank
+Good CC from Energy Rocket / Noumenon Blast
+Good supportive kit from passive and protective shield

– low mobility
– can be kited really hard
– you can’t rely on ultimate’s damage and precision
– energy rocket is somehow difficult to get hit


Noumenon Energy Core – The Noumenon energy core under normal circumstances will slowly store up energy and provide shield to Lolita’s allies. Evey ro soften, Lolita’s allies can come close to Lolita and get a shield. (Passive)

Energy Rocket – Casts an energy rocket which will regen energy when it hits an enemy hero and deal 190 magic damage, also causing the enemy to slow down by 50% for 1.5 seconds. At the same time it immediately resets ability cooldown. If the 2nd casts hits the enemy while in the slow state, it will cause a stun. ( 6 seconds cooldown)

Protective Shield – Raises a shield which blocks all ranged projectiles flying towards the shield. (13.5 seconds cooldown)

Noumenon Blast – After powering up to 2 seconds, it will deal 380 to 1026 magic dadmage to enemies in a conical area in front of the hero according to current energy amount. While gathering power, the Noumenon energy will make the hero immune to damage, but enemy hero attacks will reduce the amount of energy. If total energy drops to 0, it will not do any damage, but it will return hafl of energy and cooldown time. During the power-up period, movement speed for enemies in the attack range will drop to 75. (40 seconds cooldown)


Bring Weaken as the primary ability for support. This will reduces a target hero’s movement speed by 50% and physical and magical defense by 40% for 3 seconds.

I also consider getting Assault as Lolita has low mobility. This ability increases movement speed by 42%. This effect slowly fades over 7 seconds.

Item Build

Demon’s Advent – +920 Hp / +54 Armor / Deter: When an enemy hero attacks, this ability will reduce his attack power by 4%. This effect lasts for 2 seconds and can stack up to 3 times.

Courage Bulwark – +770 Hp / +45 Hp Regen / Bravery : Raises attack and defense of surrounding allies by 10%. I get this item first over Demons’ Advent if we are planning to play aggressively. But most the time, I buy Demons’ Advent as I prioritize defense.

Tough Boots – +22 Magic Resist / +40 Movement Speed / Fortitude : Increase Resilience by 25%

Oracle – +850 Hp / +36 Magic Resist / +35 Hp Regen / +%10 Cooldown Reduction / Scream : Within 4 seconds afer being attacked, teh hero will regen 4% Hp. This effect has 8 seconds cooldown time.

Blade Armor – +100 Armor / Counterstrike : Deals 25% of opponent’s physical attack as physical damage to an attacker when a basic attack is received.

Ice Force – +30 Physical attack / +1000 HP / Frost strike : basic attacks will have a 25% chance of lowering target movement speed by 35%. Hp + CC I really like this item that adds up my threat against enemy team.

I put Oracle on my 4th item despite of its good sustain because it has no armor defense which is important as you are against with AD hero. You can buy as second set if the enemy support is magic user.

As a tank you must also consider how opponent getting progress in game. If you see that physical damage heroes are dominating the game, you must invest with armor first otherwise go for magic resist.  In general, you must have 2 armor, 2 magic resist, 1 offensive item, and boots.

Strategy Guide

As support your protective shield is your bread and butter so max it first. Use it as often as possible to defend your carry from incoming projectile. If you decided to play aggressively with your carry, you can use this ability while getting closer to your target. The closer you are the higher the probability for you to defend most attacks.

To use your Energy Rocket effectively, it will be better if you are going to get closer before releasing the attack so it will be a guaranteed of slow-stun effect. Ironically I saw newbie players who use this skill for spamming. Keep in mind that we built Lolita as tank and we are not able to deal decent damage. What we are going to do is to use her kit as crowd control and let our carry do the damage.

Together with her ultimate, we are going to use it not for damage but the slow effect against your target. It has an AoE range that is good for setting up teamfight. We are not here for damage so we don’t need to mind our energy but to use everything as CC and intimidate enemies. Just be careful in using your ultimate as even you are invulnerable to damage while charging, it can be cancelled with stun/disable. The best way to use your ultimate is to go to bush/blindspot and cast it over several enemy heroes.

For your combo, first you need to go closer to the enemy carry while your shield is up for additional defense. You need to get close to your target so you can hit him with your energy rocket. And let your assassin or carry kill it. For a teamfight you can also consider charging up your ultimate first for CC and let your teammate go in against squishy heroes.

Additional note

This a support hero, and you must admit the fact that you need your carry to win the game. What is your role is to protect your carry at all times. Focus on him, and not to go away from him looking for a kill.

To enjoy being a support, you must have a duo to play with. It is really disappointing to support newbie carry as you are relying on players who don’t know how to play and that is doom for both of you. This is the reason why most players in MOBA don’t want this role because most of them had bad experience in playing with their teammate.

Above all playing as support is also fun if you have a good teammate that coordinate on how MOBA should be played.

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  • “most players in MOBA don’t want this role because most of them had bad experience in playing with their teammate.”

    Exactly this . .
    This is why I always regretted playing tank or healer when my carry dunno what they’re doing T_T

  • For me, reduce cooldown gear is great for Lolita (magic shoes, Oracle, Dominance Ice). You can spam your energy rocket and Ultimate (also your shield). For the rest after that, just buy defensive gears (or Disaster Truncheon + defensive gears).

    Never regret to play as support or tank :D.

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