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As a Filipino, I’m very proud to have a Mobile Legends character based from hero. Lapu-lapu is not a typical hero in game because he has a good mechanics from 6 different abilities. I don’t see him OP though, but he has a very good potential in game that requires skill from the one who are playing it. And for those who want also to access to his full potential of Lapu-Lapu, I’m going to share to you in-depth guide for this hero.


Mana Less – Being a manaless, cooldown is the only limitation for your abilities. That is the core stat in this hero and you need only to buy item that has cooldown reduction. You can spam your abilities all the way in both hero and minions.

Burst physical damage – It is common to see a burst damage from mage hero but not for fighter. That is why Lapu-Lapu can be a tank and can do burst damage well. He has a good sets of combo to consider especially once you are under rage

Fun to play – I don’t know if you only feel the fun of playing Lapu-lapu or it is only me because I’m Pinoy. But if you are going to analyze the mechanics on how you should play this hero, he is a kind of hero that you can pick for days without getting tired of it. He has infinite potential in game or should I say the only hero in game that really requires skill from player. The better you are in playing Mobile Legends, the more he can be effective in game.


Poor basic attack damage – I can’t believe as a fighter that I can’t do trade with mage and marksman in 1v1 using basic attack. He has really poor damage, you can also notice when killing jungle monsters. Also I found him having a cap with attack speed. I have a set of items with attack speed boost and still I can’t see his basic attack as fast as it is supposed to be. I believe he will be OP if you can rely him on both abilities and basic attack. This is my biggest disappointment on this hero as a fan of AD, (AD Estes, AD Rafaela, AD Nana, AD Aurora, Cyclops etc) this time I can’t do with Lapu-lapu anymore.

Slow animation – Aside from basic attack limitation, I also found that his slow animation gives him a big disadvantage. Yes there is a casting delay especially on his ultimate but aside from it, the animation on his abilites is annoying. So despite of having a maximum stats for cooldown reduction still you will get penalized with slow animation.

Less Crowd Control – This is the reason why it is not good to build him a full tank. He has less crowd control and if you are going to build him tank, you have less help with your team when it comes to utility. In my personal preference on picking a hero, I really like a hero with a good crowd control so I have a good teamfight presence in game otherwise I will play as carry and focus on damage.

Skill Build

Hero’s Faith  (Passive) – Lapu-Lapu will receive 1 layer of bravery blessing each time his abilities hit a hero. When stacked to 5 layers, his basic attack will deal extra damage (these basic attacks won’t critical strike) and it will give him a shield that can offer 500-1200 HP of resistance (grows with level). I really like this skill just like Aurora that can enhance his both defense and offense if you know how to manage it on time you really need it.

Justice Blade – Light Sword State: Casts two boomeranging blades of light forward. Each blade will deal 120 physical damage to enemies hit on the way out and coming back. Heavy Sword State: Casts a giant flying wheel forward which deals 300 physical damage and slow down effect to enemies hit along the way. This will be your bread-and-butter and you must spam for farming and harassing the opposing hero. Prioritize leveling this up over Brave Stance.

Brave Stance – Light Sword State: Rushes in a specified direction brandishing twin blades, dealing 100 physical damage to enemies on the way. If this ability hits an enemy hero, then it will increase one’s movement speed for a short time. Heavy Sword State: Rushes in a specified direction brandishing a heavy sword, dealing 250 physical damage to enemies on the way. After casting this skill, one’s physical and magic defense will increase 20, lasting 5 seconds.  This will be your gap-closing ability that you need to initiate a trade.

Chieftain’s Rage – Light Sword State: Combines two blades into one heavy sword and slashes forward, dealing 400 physical damage to enemies hit and stunning them for 0.8 second. Afterward, the hero will enter Heavy Sword state, lasting 15 seconds. Heavy Sword State: In Heavy Sword state, basic attack damage will increase by 20%. Active: Whirls weapon and deals 600 physical damage to surrounding area. This will change your state from Light Sword to Heavy Sword State. The first attack requires precision so you need to ensure that you are going to aim several target so you are going to hit a least of it.

Item Build

I tried different item sets and I found out that the item build below is the best gear for Lapu-Lapu.

Bloodlust Axe – +70 Physical Attack / +20% Cooldown Reduction / Unique Passive: Bloodthirsty: When skills cause damage, heals 15% of damage as HP for the hero. This s a good starting item for Lapu-Lapu as he can spam his ability that can convert into life-steal. It has also a good physical attack boost and the top of it is the cooldown reduction.

Magic Shoes – +10 Cooldown Reduction / Unique Passive: +40 Movement speed. Another cooldown reduction item. Though I’m fan of rapid boots since I roam in different lanes to assist my teammate, considering a good item for Lapu-lapu that will works for most players, Magic Shoes is a good pic.

Hunter Strike – +100 Physical Attack / +10% Cooldown Reduction / Unique Passive: Pursue: Attack that enemy 5 times in a row and improves the hero’s movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 15 seconds. Like what I mentioned above, the core stats you need to improve to Lapu-Lapu is cooldown reduction and Hunter Strike is at the top if it giving a decent physical attack and 10% cooldown reduction.

Blade of Despair – +130 Physical Attack / +25% Attack Speed / 10% Critical Strike Chance / Unique Passive Despair: Deals an extra 10% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state. What you need in this item is the physical attack boost to improve your bust damage output.

Optional Items

Get Wind Chaser if you are against with several tank heroes. Or get additional 2x Blade of Despair to improve your damage output even more.

With this item build, you can burst down any squishy hero without giving them a chance to fight back.

That’s it and if you want to ask further question about this build, you can write your comment in form below. You can also share your own build for Lapu-Lapu that you might think effective so we can try it and improve our mechanics of playing this hero. Enjoy!

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