Mobile Legends Jungler Guide : Advanced Tips To Jungle Effectively


As a main jungler I want to share to you a guide on how can you make your jungling effective. On the first few days of playing Mobile Legends, you will not notice that jungler along with support is important in game. Most players are only looking for a kill and ignore most elements of the game including strategy, teamwork, and role. The game is so fast that no one is thinking of defending themselves from getting killed. What is on their mind is to get a kill and that what makes them happy.

That mentality is for newbie and whether you like it or not, when you reach higher elo you really need the said key elements. You will also reevaluate your objectives of playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. And this will let you think of playing with team objective.

So we come up into being a jungler in game. As a jungler what these are your role for the team. Let’s it put up on a simple list:

*Team buffs
*Map control
*Take down

Ganking – this is what your team relying on you. Good jungler knows when and where to gank. This requires a good decision making that deals with your teammate, opponent, circumstances, and skill availability. Gank a lane if:

*It is near from you. Gank as often as possible as long as it near from camp you previously cleared.
* Gank if your gap-closing is skill is ready such as Natalia’s Dash Claw or Fanny’s Steel Cable.
* Gank if your the skills of your teammate is ready especially their ultimate.
*Gank if your opponent’s escape ability/skills are down. Communicate with the team. That’s is your key.
*Gank your team’s weakest lane. They need and always plan your jungle route towards them.
*Gank extended lane. You have higher chance of securing a kill on extended hero.

For exemption this is when you shouldn’t gank

*Don’t gank a tank it will be waste of time. Especially if they are full armored. In Mobile Legends, if they called tank, they are really a tank. It is difficult to kill a full tank Balmond, Tigreal, Franco, Lolita unless you are well fed and it is already late game.

*Don’t gank if you can’t see other laners in mini-map. There is a higher chance for a counter gank. This deals with map awareness.

*Don’t gank if your HP is less than 50%. (of course with exemption). Actually in is not good idea to stray in jungle with less than 50% HP.

*Don’t gank if you are teammate just told you to do so. As a jungler you must have your own decision and plan. If you are going to gank lane because your teammate is bashing you in chat, you better not to gank at all. They are only thinking for a gank without knowing your other objectives. You are a jungler you know what you are doing than them. Believe in yourself and always stick with your plan.

Team buffs – Slay Turtle and Lord that is your task. It has a decent buffs that will help the entire outclass their opponent in laning. Good jungler comes up in good habit of clearing jungle camp that gives buffs. Here you need also to practice last hitting the monster with your ability as most of the time in higher elo opposing jungler will contest on you for last hitting the monster.

Map Control – This includes advanced map awareness wherein you need to predict the location of enemy junglers. As a jungler I look on mini map more often than on what my hero currently doing. I don’t need to watch him killing the turtle as it is more linear. Everything will come linear as a jungler unless the enemy team will do a counter-jungling. From the time you are clearing the camp, look on the map and ping your teammate what enemy jungler is doing. You can have a clue on his location from the route he is clearing. Good jungler knows from his understanding of map control. As an important key in map control, you must not reveal your location to enemy team as possible. This is your weapon. As long as they don’t know where are you, you are a biggest threat to them and they will not play aggressively as they are thinking for your gank. In revealing how your opponent doing, you must always secure yours.

Take down – This is your team objective. Takedown turrets and win the game. Going to the lane will reveal your location. So you need to decide when to go and help your ally to take down turrets. In Mobile Legends, the highest chances for you to destroy towers is when your cannon is on the push. Turret takes time to kill this creep and you can take advantage the tankiness to buy you time tearing down tower. Don’t forget to use skills that improves you are damage output such as Rage ability and hero’s skills.

Now to perform that 4 tasks as a jungler you need to use a hero that can do it smoothly. Any hero can be a jungler but not all of them are effective to perform your objectives as jungler. To be honest I can’t discuss hero per hero guide on how you should play them as a good jungler. Maybe not now as I don’t have much time and I’m focus on few heroes to work out. (I think I already mentioned that in my first Mobile Legend Strategy Guide on why focus on few heroes) So instead of discussing one champion at a time, I will gives you the 4 elements on picking the best heroes for jungling:

1. Mobility – You need to go from lane to lane, gank and clear camp, so make sure that the hero that you are going to use has skills that gives mobility. Best example is Fanny’s Steel Cable. This will let you jump from camp to camp in no time. This is also a reason why I buy boots as my second set when I’m jungling which is basically my third item set. Hero with good mobility can clear fast, gank well, as well as with good escape in case that you are going to counter jungle. I will discuss counter jungling as advanced jungle technique in the future.

2. Crowd Control – You must play a hero with a good crowd control. This is the reason why Yun Zhao is good in jungling because of his first skill and second skill. CC and Gap-closer for a good gank. Although there is a conflict between mobility and crowd control as from what I noticed, heroes with outstanding mobility has less crowd control and vice versa. When we say Crowd Control it is not only about your hero’s skill a but also with item you are going to build. Item that is good substitute for CC is Ice Force as well abilities such as weaken.

3. Sustain – Unlike with laner that you can slay creeps without getting a damage, being a jungler you really need to tank monsters and get damaged. So make sure that the hero that you are going to pick has a sustain in terms of both HP and MP. You will find hero with no mana cost at all. There are also hero that has life steal on their kit or regeneration. On the top we mentioned a big no on ganking in less than 50% life as well as walking in and out of the jungler with less HP. With a hero having a good sustain, you will never have this problem. Having a good sustain comes with, good counter jungling and counter ganking.

4. Fast clear – There are some heroes that can clear camp faster. They have skills that can eliminate monsters in AoE. Time is very important in jungler, unlike with laner there are times that you need to wait for the push or only get the last hit so you will not over extended. In jungling, you need to do everything faster, especially in clearing camps. You need to be the first in on counter jungling. Heroes that can clear faster comes good in taking down turrets. The skill of a jungler also based on how fast he can clear the camp.

Advanced Jungle Tips

1. Follow your route in ganking. Don’t just walk from bot to the top but instead walk while killing one camp at a time. You can check your CS/gold from time to time so you have an idea on how effective your farming is. If you are just walking around to gank top and then walk again to bot without clearing camps, you are doing it wrong.

2. Don’t reveal your location. If your gank is not really needed, just don’t go for it and focus clearing camp. Ganking is your task but you are not required to do it. You have only one requirement and that is to win. To win there are lot of things do it. These go like anticipating the enemy hero and making them sure that they are not going effective in gank if you are going to clear his camp and delay them in EXP. Revealing your location is removing your threat to the entire enemy team. If you reveal your location make sure it is worth a kill/assist or take down.

3. Hold the lane with no hero. Don’t let your turret off guard. Make sure to go on turret no hero. If your teammate died, go on his lane and defend the tower. This will gives you better experience points and gold than clearing a camp. Plus you will not let enemy hero to takedown your turret easily. In case that you see your allied is in low HP, try to ask him if he wants to hold the lane for him so he can recall and regenerate his life/mana.

4. Always response with team. This is a common mistake for most jungler. They feel sorry on the time they are going out from camp to help teammate. To be honest, I also felt that before thinking that even helping them they will still die so it will be a waste for my time. But after years of playing as a jungler, responding with the team is a good habit that not only gives you advantage in game but also boost morale for your team. Even leaving your camp, there is still no big downside for responding as you have a chance to kill or even assist and that is still better. Responding with the team also a good turning point of the game where you can do your team objective.

5. Give the kill to teammate as possible. This is a long debate in playing MOBA but for me, it will be better if you are going to give the kill to your teammate. If your teammate is well fed, you don’t need to work/gank hard on that lane, you can focus on 2 lanes or do your objective for take down and team buffs. You don’t need to get stronger over your teammate because anywhere you are, your team gets the advantage with 2v1 or 3v2. All you have to do is to disable/CC them so it will be a secured kill. That is why I prefer hero with good CC over damage. The only advantage of getting the kill from your teammate is that you can counter jungle and punish the enemy jungler hard.

That’s all for now. I really want to share a lot from my experience of playing as a jungler but I think keeping it short for now will help newbie players understand the mechanics of playing as a jungle in Mobile Legends. If you want to add yours or something I missed, you can include that using the comment section below. If you want me to discuss further on what I shared above, I welcome everyone to talk.

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