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Clandestine organizations have existed throughout the many ages of the Land of Dawn’s history. No one knows the true purpose of these organizations, but one thing is for sure, whenever a crisis is at hand, mysterious figures emerge from the shadows to restore order to the world. Professor Henry and his wife worked for the Dawn Council, known for its research in cutting-edge technology, providing an endless and varied stream of high-tech products to government agencies and mysterious, anonymous clients. But when they finally finished developing the SMART-01, all this changed, as their new creation was more intelligent and powerful than any android the world had seen before, and was designed so that once a genetically matched host controlled him, he could act according to the controller’s consciousness. The leaders of the Dawn Council saw the potential of this technology for warfare and ordered the Henrys to transfer the technology to selected government agencies for a mass production program. The Henrys refused. After ordering their Prototype One to destroy all of the experiment’s data, the Henrys mysteriously disappeared. To this day, little Alice has no knowledge of these events. All she knows and cares about is that this special robot has always been there to protect and accompany her, and that he calls her Honey like her father once did, while she affectionately calls him Jawhead in return. The only clue left behind by her parents was a pocket watch she carries with her wherever she goes. Finally, Alice decides to journey with her robot friend to track down her parents’ whereabouts…

+Very good passive
+Good mobility
+Good CC
+Natural tankiness

-Teammate reliant
-Difficult to play

Skill Build

Mecha Suppression – (Passive) Each time you deal damage to a target, you inflict it with a stack of Compression for 3 seconds up to 10 stacks. Each stack of Compression increases Jawhead’s basic attack damage dealt to the target by 8%. I like this skill that makes Jawhead a good fighter even building as a tank. Upon reaching the 10 stacks, you have 80% bonus damage on your basic attack. While some build him with attack speed and damage to make stack, in my build as you can see I focus on my defense to ensure that I can make a full stack without dying.

Smart Missiles – Body-mounted missiles enter launch state for 5 seconds, randomly firing up to 12 times. Each attack deals 80 (20% total Physical attack) Physical damage. Good for laning phase or even going to jungle for an easy solo kill. With solo target, you can make all these missiles hit your target for a heavy damage. This will be your spamming skill so make sure to level up this first next to your ultimate.

Ejector – Tap to enter the Ejector state, granting increases speed and a shield, then tap again to throw your closes target to a designated location, dealing 300 (+80% Total Physical attack) physical damage and briefly stunning the target and enemies in the area they land. (Prioritizes heroes. Can be used on teammates, but they won’t take damage). Good CC but also risky if you are going to use it in a team. Just make sure that you have a follow up from your teammate before initiating this attack.

Unstoppable Force – Locks onto a enemy target, charging into them and stunning them briefly, while knocking back enemy units around the target. Deals 400 (+250% Extra Physical attack) Physical damage to the target and the units surrounding them. This is one of the best initiating attack in game unleashing an AoE crowd control as well as decent damage of 400 + 250% additional damage. Powerful yet very risky especially if you get miscommunication with your team. Once cast, the title says it all, this is unstoppable and no turning back so commit to do a clash.

Item Build

Bloodlust Axe – +70 Physical Attack / +10% CD Reduction / Unique: 20% Spell Vamp. The 10% CDR is a good stat to maximize your skill. Jawhead is a physical burst based damage so the 20% spell vamp is a good choice.

Dominance Ice – +500 Mana / +70 Armor / +5% Crit Chance Reduction / Unique: +15% CD Reduction / Unique Passive: Arctic Cold: Lowers movement speed by 5% and lowers attack speed by 30% for nearby enemy heroes. This will gives you everything to spam your ability. The 15% CDR is good enough plus the 500 mana and the best of it is the armor that you need to survive longer in game once you initiate an attack.

Warrior Boots – +22 Armor / Unique: +40 Movement Speed / Unique Passive-Valor: Physical defense will go up 5 with each basic attack received, for an increase of up to 25 points, lasting 3 seconds. The main focus of this build is to make him tank, so a warrior boots is a pick here.

Blade of Despair – +170 Physical Attack / +10% Attack Speed / Unique Passive-Despair: Deals an extra 10% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state (stunned, knocked, airborne, transformed, disabled) Since Jawhead is a good CC based hero, blade of despair with gives you additional damage from disabled enemy. Also the +170 attack will makes you a real burst damager in game. The attack speed is well enough for your passive to make stack faster.

Immortality – +800 HP / +40 Magic Resistance / Unique Passive-Immortal: Resurrect in 2 seconds after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300 – 1000 damage. Shield lasts for 3 seconds. Cooldown for this effect is 180 seconds. For your survival. You are a tank but it doesn’t mean you are a sacrifice. The role of tank is to keep surviving and support the team. The longer you survive in clash the better you are doing your role. Immortality will gives you what you need especially against mage burst damager.

Bloodthirsty King – +1550 HP / Unique Passive-Bloodthirst: A kill or assist regen by 20% of hero’s HP within 5 seconds. 10 seconds cooldown. What I really like in this hero is the natural tankiness and the passive that makes him in between of good tank and fighter. Even building him with tons of defensive item, he is still a threat on squishy enemies because of his stack. While some players focus on offensive items, in my build, I believe that to maximize his potential in game, you need to work on your defense. This is for teamplay orientation. With this build you have lower probability on getting a kill but on higher tier that is not a issue. You need to win at all cost and most of the time, those tank who play with team wins the match.

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