Mobile Legends: How To Reduce Lag (Latency / Ping / MS)


If there is a problem on the most popular MOBA mobile based game, Mobile Legends, it is the lag issues that players experiencing. So it doesn’t matter how good you are or if you are using the perfect item build we shared for each hero, if you you have high latency (Ping / MS) it will result a defeat.

Solving this case is not easy that most MOBA games experiencing. Even major game on PC such as League of Legends experiencing the problem. It is because the cause varies from users to users then to server. There are lots of possibilities for this issue. What we can do now is to ensure that the issue is not from our end. And to make it possible I’m going to share to you some tips on how can you lower your latency in Mobile Legends that causes a lag.

Actually it is not only about your connection but there are some cases that it is from the gadget you are using or the issue is from FPS or frame rate for second. Since this is MOBA, unlike with other games you are playing, it consumes high amount of CPU/GPU from your gadget. In result it will cause a problem with your FPS and let you experience lag or we called it a screen freeze from FPS drop.

We need first to know our problem so we will get into fixing it. If you are experiencing lag in times that you are in middle of teamfight. This might be an FPS issue. This is part of the game where your device gets load up high amount of CPU consumption and if you are playing in low-end gadget, it will cause you a lag. If this is your case, we can say that this is not about your connection but on the device you are using.

To solve it, you must upgrade your gadget or to lower your settings to lighten up CPU usage. It is also good to do task one at a time or close other application aside from Mobile Legends.

This is also a major problem if you are playing Mobile Legends on PC using emulator. Emulator consumes lots of CPU usage and memory so make sure you are playing on high end PC in case you are running the game with emulator.

Now in case that you have different issues from FPS, like you are sure that are playing on high-end device and still experiencing lag, it is clearly from your connection within your device and game’s server. I saw most players saying that they have 10Mbps or 100Mbps and still they are experiencing lag. Well actually latency doesn’t do a lot with your bandwith. Bandwith is a transfer rate but what we are talking here is how your device and server response for every request through your connection. And there are lots of factor for it such as server location, server availability and user availability.

Mobile Legends is international based game. Meaning the server location is not local as well as with users. Players are from globally. Can you imagine how they can handle 10 players came from different countries and sync it into one server. If local MOBA experiencing lag such as League of Legends and Dota 2, how much for Mobile Legends that host players from different part of the world.

For server availability, this is in case that the server is experiencing traffic. Have you noticed that there is a common time in game where you experiencing lag. It is because the server is serving spike of users.

Now if that is your case, what we can do to reduce lag are the following:

*Play on hour with least users. If your server is Asia or those players under of GMT+8, you can play at the midnight or early morning wherein the server is in less stress. Don’t play around 7Pm – 10PM as this is the time that most users are playing. I believe it is not new for you to experience lag in these hours.

*Play with your friend or users locally. It will be easier for server to sync players under same location. It is like playing local game than playing in random players which is worst if you are in Asia and you get matched up with NA players.

*Play with stable internet connection. If you are just playing the game using free data or WiFi from your neighborhood, you don’t have a right to complain with connection. Make sure that your device has a priority in distributing bandwith from your modem.

*Disable automatic updates. This is a common issue for those players who experiencing sudden lag in game. Update of course will consume all available bandwith in your connection unless you have port forwarding. To play it safe, disable all automatic updates when you are playing Mobile Legends.

*Play on optimized server. If you are from Asia, play on that server. If you are from NA play on the server designated for your location. It is not good idea to jump from different server for the sake of match making. Yeah it is good to play on Asia as it has a good number of players and match making is fast. This is an issue before when the game is not yet popular as of today. Players are selecting server based on the number of players so they don’t need to wait longer in queuing. Make sure you are playing the right server based on your region.

That’s all of what we can do to reduce lag (latency / ping / ms) in Mobile Legends. And the rest let’s hope it on their server as they are promising that they will solve the issue. What we did here is to improve based in our part and now it is time for the game to do their part.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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