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There lived a famous young mage – Harley in the Lion Academy of Magical City. He is blessed by the Magical Goddess and as the star of the Academy, he is able t learn quickly and master any magical speel. Kids need adventure when Harley and his friends were exploring the jungle in the middle of the night, they overheard the evil conspiracy of the organization called Dark Wizards. The brave young me decide to stoop them. First, they need to find the secret base of Dark Wizards and report to the headmaster. But during the investigation, he accidentally activated the space portal and teleported to the other side of the Land of Dawn – Scholar City. With the help of the mecha master – Rooney, the brave and energetic boy and his partner Lolita, Bruno, Alpha and Saber went back to the Magical City to destroy the core of Demorte, the Boss of Dark Wizards. To improve his battle techniques, Harley started his adventure in the Land of Dawn.

Two damage arsenal (Magic and AD)
Good mechanics with skill trick
Fun to play

You will get bash from playing on both AD/AP
Has a major downside in early games
Trick requires advance skill or this will bring disadvantage to a user.
Low crowd control

Skill Build

Magic Master – As a magic master, his basic attack deals 60 magical damage. This will makes Harley a very good hero in Mobile Legends that can make him versatile and vicious on both AD and AP.

Poker Trick – Shoots 3 rounds of cards, dealing 150 magical damage to the first hit enemy (damage decays when the same target is hit by 3 or more times) and increasing his attack speed by 5% at each hit, up to 8 times, lasting 3 seconds. To be honest this is not new to me as I play Heroes Arena’s Wild Card and this what makes him OP on their league. Although both characters are based from Twisted Fate this will makes Harley OP too in mobile legends. Prioritize maxing this ability next to ultimate.

Space Escape – Disappears right away, leaving a magic hat at his place and then appears in the front, increasing his movement speed by 30% for seconds, use this skill again in 4 seconds to return to the hat. The best skill in Mobile Legends, taken idea from Leblanc of League of Legends. This will bring good mechanics to Harley. This is very promising yet hard to use that requires good interpretation on the situation. This skill can be use on both defense and offense.

Deadly Magic – Locks an enemy target in sight and launches a fire right (can be blocked by other heroes), dealing 200 magical damage at hit and generating a big fire ring around the target for 4 seconds which allows Harley to deal damage to the target by hitting the fire ring. Then it deals 100 and 40% loss HP during this period by the target magical damage after. With this ability you always have a one bullet to kill the escaping enemy. I saw some players use this ability to initiate an attack which is totally wrong. You must save this skill and not to use unless you are sure that this skill are going to kill your target. It is less useful on enemy with full HP.

Item Build

Feather of Heaven – +65 Magic Power / +30% Attack Speed / Unique Passive: Affliction: Basic attacks will deal 40% of the hero’s AP as additional magic damage Unique Passive: Derive: Increases Spell Vamp effect by additional 8%. Magic power and attack speed for both arsenal of AP and AD. This will be your core item that you need to get as soon as possible. This will boost not only your basic attack but also your passive that relies on magic power.

Clock of Destiny – +60 Magic Power / +615 HP / +600 Mana / Unique Passive- Time: Adds 30 HP and 5 magic attack every 30 seconds. Up to 10 times. Unique Passive – reincarnate: if Time is fully stacked, then the hero will receive 5% magic attack and 300 mana. At this point I see most of the time are getting their shoes for additional mobility but not for Harley. You don’t need to worry too much on your movement speed at this point as you always have an escape with your Space Escape. By sacrificing your movement speed, Clock of Destiny will boost your magic power and mana greatly. This will aid you harass your opposing laner hard as well as giving you decent HP for sustain.

Swift Boots – +15% Attack Speed / Unique: +40 movement Speed. This is the time that you need to buy Boots so you can roam to other lane for additional teammate assistance or kill. Swift boots is the best because you need to invest on attack speed too to make your attack damage efficient.

And the rest, you can get any items that boost magic damage and penetration if you are against in tank. As my recommendation you can get the following:

Devil Tears – +65 Magic Power / Unique: +40% Magic Penetration / Unique Passive: Spellbreaker: When HP is higher than 70%, the unique bonus effect is increased by 30%.

Blood Wings – +150 Magic Power / +150 HP / Unique Passive: Nirvana: Adds 2 HP for every 1 point of magic power.

Ice Queen Wand – +75 Magic Power / +15 Mana Regen / +7% Movement Speed / Unique Passive: Ice Bound: Skills that damage an enemy hero will carry a 15% slow down effect. This effect lasts 3 seconds and stack up to two times.

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