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Teamwork is very important in Mobile Legends. And this is why noob still remains as noob because they are playing inside a box not minding a good line up. They don’t care actually. What is on their mind is how the game will end being them as MVP. The result you will experience playing with 3 marksman, or AD build even their hero is meant to be a tank.

With poor teamwork, even you have lane dominance, you still experienced defeat in late game. And your next action is to blame your pinned down ally which is actually doesn’t really help getting your team objective.

Well if you are decided now and you want to start playing with teamwork, it starts with a good line up. A team composition that synergize with one another. Sometimes even you play with teamwork, if your heroes don’t have chemistry it will affect the outcome such as Akai and Tigreal (pull and push).

For best hero line up, it comes in several team composition but the main ideas come to the main concept of playing moba – role. 3 heroes with same role is bad idea that is why having 3 marksman in a team will result poorly.

As we talk about role, these are marksman or Attack Damage Carry (ADC), Tank (initiator, frontliner), Mage (burst) Support (hero with good utility) and Jungler (good mobility and crowd control)

To occupy each role, my Mobile Legends best team/line up example are:

*Tigreal (Tank)
*Nana (Support)
*Layla (ADC)
*Gord (Mage)
*Natalia (Jungler)

The main mechanics of that team is to burst down enemies in AoE. With Tigreal, it is not difficult for him to do a combo of Flicker, Ultimate, and Push. Followed by Nana’s utility and Gord, Natalia, and Layla’s burst and basic attack damage.

*Rafaela (support)
*Lolita (tank)
*Yi Sun-shin (ADC)
*Kagura (mage)
*Fanny (jungler)

That team focused on spamming skills and wait for a good chance of going in. With Rafaela’s sustain and good range abilities from Fanny, Kagura and Yi, poking enemies is not really difficult to do in their case.

*Alpha / Yun Zhao (initiaor)
*Saber (jungle)
*Chou (support)
*Miya (ADC)
*Alice (mage)

These team composition focus on all-in engage. They have good gap-closing abilities and always getting the advantage in decision making when and where to engage. As I play mainly on ADC, this is the most difficult team to fight with. Because anytime they can engage a teamfight leaving me off guard especially when my flicker is down.

There are several hero combo you can do in this game based on their mechanics. But always go for the playstyle you like or the mechanics you are familiar well. Don’t use hero just to complete the combo. In the end, it is not only about the hero you are using but how you are going to play the game. In case that you are not familiar with the hero your team wants you to play with, just pick the hero you are comfortable to play as long as it can do the same role they want from you.

That’s the hero line up I found the best. If you want to share your best team in Mobile Legends, you can use the comment section below.

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  • When I play, my teammates usually pick miya, layla and yun zhao. I am a support and usually goes for nana. The last hero doesn’t matter sometimes but I prefer another disabler to make the enemy unable to move.

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