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Franco is the Mobile Legends : Bang Bang version of DotA’s Pudge. From his kit you can say that this character is a big rip off from the mother of all MOBA. And just like how we played Pudge and mastered it for years, we will apply the same concept with Franco only with items which is specifically from Mobile Legends.

As Franco, he is good in initiating a clash or zoning out the enemy carry. His kit are full of CC from hooking enemy, slowing it and disabling using his ultimate. Try to look on his ability and you will see that using it, he can be vulnerable from attacks especially his ultimate and hook. That is why the rule of a thumb in building Franco is to make it a tank that can take more punishment while dismembering the helpless victim. So your build should focus on armor, Hp, and magic resist as your core items.

Franco Item Build

You will start with crazed reaper as your first item. I like this item because it is cheap while you will get the package you need in early game such as +65 physical damage and 20% attack speed which you need for farming and +300 HP that you need for sustain and tankiness in the late game. Once you have that item, you can now build for your rapid boots that will gives you +50 movement speed. This is a rule of thumb in MOBA where you need to adapt the movement speed of other players in the game.

Now that you have the basic items for Franco you can now focus on making him a tank. We need HP and that is a fact on this build and for HP boosting-item, there is nothing more effective than Cursed Helmet and Saint’s Refuge which gives +920 HP / +50 magic resist and +900 HP / +56 magic resist respectively. Go for this item if you see that you are against mainly on magic users especially they are the biggest threat in you as you are vulnerable for burst damage.

But if the enemy team composition doesn’t have too much magic caster, you can go for Demon Wings and Brute Force Breastplate that gives HP and Armor. This is why there is no perfect build for all circumstances. Whatever character you are using, always build based on the situation you are playing. If you are too ahead of the game, you can focus on damage, if you are left behind go for defense. For defense start with either magic resist or armor depends on which character dominates from the opposing team.

Franco Strategy Guide

You are the primary arsenal of crowd control for your team. In your kit you have slow, disable and gap closer which is perfect in either going in, zone out and disabling the threat from enemy team. As for initiator of the team, you must be good in decision making on where you will do team fight or not. Who is going to focus fire as well as filler for your team carry. Your duty is to CC your opponent as hell and you will play to be one.

You must remember that you are not the damage dealer of the team even you have damage too from your ability (everyone has damage). But considering the mechanics, you need to buy time for your carry to do their duty in clash.

As for your build in this guide – tank, you are not in game to be sacrificed but rather do everything to make your teammate effective for damage and then go out when you are about to die. I know that it is too hard for Franco to go out as he has very poor in mobility (slow movement speed) and that is why from the build guide above, we emphasize armor, magic resist and HP so you can remain alive until your teammate eliminate all threat from opposing team.

For the teamfight, your team must know they have Franco and this guy has the clear control when to initiate a clash. Thanks for his hook, you have the rule in clash. As for initiator, a team with good initiator has the control when and where to clash. It is not easy as both team can do counter logic and they need to agree on it. Only few legends can do it without requiring other team aggression and that will makes Franco as one of the best initiator in game. It is simple, just hook and when you successfully get an opponent, you can go for clash otherwise just wait for the CD until you have a chance to hook again.

Also the best thing with hook is the zero risk from it. Unlike with other initiating attacks that when your teammate fails to follow up, it will be the end for you. In hook even you missed or your team failed to fill in, you can just pass on clash and wait for another chance to hook your target again.

That’s for my Mobile Legends : Franco Strategy and Build Guide. If you want to add yours, you can use the comment section below. I know that there are still better build and mechanics for this legend as Franco has lots from the game to offer, so just join the discussion below and I will try my best to contribute furthermore about this very rewarding legend.

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