Mobile Legends : Fanny Item Build and Strategy Guide


Despite just being a human, Fanny never gave up on her dream of flying. She fashioned a kind of steel grappling hook for herself in the hopes of using it to grab onto cliff faces and soar between mountain peaks. After countless training sessions in live environments, Fanny has finally mastered this technique. Folks who have seen her soaring through the air refer to her as the Blade of Freedom.


Air Superiority

Increases damage dealt to target whle flying 10% to 20% according to flying speed and adds a Prey marker to the target which can stack up to 2 times. Killing a hero with a Prey marker will regen energy for Fanny. 10 points per layer. Passive.

Tornado Strike

Whirls her blade, dealing 260 physical damage to nearby enemies. This will be your bread and butter skill that you need to max out first next to her ultimate. 3.5 seconds cooldown. 25 energy cost.

Steel Cable

Throws out a cable that draws her to the first obstacle that it hits. Each successive use within 3 seconds will decrease energy cost by 1. If energy is sufficient, Tornado Strike will be triggered. No cooldown. 15 energy cost

Cut Throat

Initiates an attack on an enemy, dealing 500 physical damage. If it hits an emey with a Prey marker, damage will increase 20% per layer. 35 seconds cooldown. 25 energy cost.

Item build

Raptor Machete – +35 Physical attack / +12% attack speed / 30% damage to monsters / Avarice : get an extra 30% experience when jungling. / Gorge : slaying jungle monster increases your physical by 4 that can be stack up to 10 times. As a jungler,Raptor Machete is a must have item.

Swift Boots – 15% attack speed / +40 movement speed. Mobility is very important in jungling and instead of getting boots on third item we will build it for second slot so you can gank and rove through the map without any delay.

Fallen Sword – +10% lifesteal as well as +45 physical damage and +30% attack speed. It has everything you need for damage burst, attack speed and jungle sustain from lifesteal.

Blade of Destruction – +75 Physical Attack / 20% Critical Strike Chance / 50% Critical Damage / Doom : Critical strikes will increase on’e physical attack by 5% lasting 2 seconds. This will gives you a powerspike from critical damage and physical attack.

Ice Force – +30 Physical attack / +1000 HP / Frost strike : basic attacks will have a 25% chance of lowering target movement speed by 35%. Fanny has low to zero crowd control which is also important as follow up for her gap closer skill, Cut Throat. This item will gives you decent HP and slow on-hit effect from basic attacks.

*Situational Items*

Wind Chaser – +60 Physical Attack / +45% Physical Penetration. Get it if you are against with tanks.

Immortality – +800 Hp / +40 magic resistance / Rebirth : resurrect in 2 seconds after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP. Shield last for 3 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown. Recommended item for late game.

Strategy Guide

The top hero when it comes on mobility due to her steel cable. This skill has no cooldown and have a decent range to use for engage and disengage. Just like with Natalia’s Claw Dash you need to be very careful in using this skill as this can be used in both offense and defense.


Because of Fanny’s versatility with her mechanics, she can be played in different roles. But for my own understanding of this hero, she is best as jungler due to her mobility, gap-closer, and sustain which is 3 out of 4 characteristic of being a good jungler. Unfortunately she has low to zero crowd control that is why I used Ice Force in my build above that adds up CC in my kit.

Fanny uses energy instead of mana. This what makes her skill spammable in jungle. Her kit has low to zero cooldown. So be generous on using it against monster. She is fast clear because her cable steel and tornado strike which is a key factor for jungling.


As for her combo, you have two options of either using cable steel or cut throat as gap closer. This needs a good decision making for you to gank successfully. What I usually do here is to analyze the location of your target. If he/she is near in the wall or terrain, using cable steel is enough to surprise him with attack. If the target is near in turret and I’m going to dive, I use cut throat burst him and then out with cable steel. In diving, it needs a good understand with the situation which I’m going to share to you in my advanced guide for Mobile Legends : Bang Bang.

Team Fight

Just like with other assassins, team fight comes difficult for you to perform your role – killing the carry. Assassin is squishy and they are melee. They need to make sure they are close enough to deal burst damage. Thanks to cable steel and cut throat, it is easy for Fanny to come closer to her target. The problem is going out and securing yourself from kill. Assassinating a target and die is useless at all. Good assassin must always have an escape plan. The simplest way to do it is to buy Immortality (as what we mentioned above in item build) for additional magic resist and very viable passive : resurrect.

Because of Immortality’s long cooldown, you can’t rely too much from this item. We need to based it in our own strategy to improve our survival rate in teamfight, my trick is to keep out from enemy team vision. You can go on jungle or keeping a long distance so you will not get their attention. There is a common rule in teamfight, the first hero that they see, that will be their focused fire unless they are well organized team that they just ignore tank and focus on assassin and carry. To counter this idea, we will not let them see us until our tank draw their attention. Once they already used almost all of their skills that is the time to assassinate the carry or other squishy hero with less threat.

Good assassin knows the location of her target. This is the way you can snatch them from support and tank. You can assassinate your target even before engaging. Marksman or usually carry is very vulnerable in melee attacks and burst damage from assassin. What you need to do is to know their location and eliminate them as fast as possible.

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