Mobile Legends : Eudora Build and Strategy Guide


If you already used Kennen in League of Legends, you will find Eudora has the same mechanics as him. From her kit you are able to hit several enemies within AoE, stun then for additional stacks and decent damage from his bread and butter skills. For her passive this is will amplify the damage every time she hits a target with Superconductor. This legend is about connecting skills to gain stuck for additional damage and effects. So make sure for your Superconductor to hit your target before going in.

Item Build

Start with Enchanted Talisman that boost 55+ magic power, 400HP, +25 mana regeneration and +20% cooldown reduction. This is your first item that gives you enough magic power, HP, CDR and mana regeneration for your laning sustain. This gives a powerspike once you completed it on early game. And for your core item, you should buy Frost as this boost +75 magic power, +15 mana regeneration and +7% movement speed. You need movement speed for Eudora so you can set up your skills once you successfully hit Superconductor. Once you get those two items, you can now start with your magic shoes that gives +40 points and 10+ cooldown reduction.

Now for situational item, when I got that 3 core items, that is the time that I’m going to work with my defense. Yes you need also to mind your defense as you are going to be front in clash. You need to annoy and hit as many opponent as possible. You have AoE stun and that is perfect for team fight all you have to do is to get a good set up as well as defense so you can go in. If you are going to focus on full magic power you are to squishy and before you can set up your kit you will get killed immediately.

For armor, you should based it on your opponent. If you are against with most magic user, you must get Saints Refuge for both HP and magic resist. If you see that you are fighting against most physical damage based legend, you need to have Brute Force Breastplate for armor and HP. Just a rule of a thumb, you must always counter the legend who are dominating from the opposing team.

Strategy Guide

This needs a good decision making if you are going to full magic damage or tank. For my own strategy, I found Eudora good in annoying (crowd control) enemy team rather than full burst. That is why I need to go for defense so I can make sure that I’m going to survive the clash longer to make my CC and debuffs more effective. As you notice I build a movement speed based item so I can do set up once I made my Superconductor. As an initiator you need to be tank as you are visible to the clash due to your debuff and stuns.

You need to hit as many opponent as possible with your ultimate and deal a stun on it. In this part, again movement will help you. If you are dealing against high mobility legends you can equip additional movement item so you can caught them off guard with your ultimate.

You are initiator and you need to make sure that they are closer to one another before going in so you can hit several opponent with your ultimate. As an initiator you need to be good in decision making as this will be win or lose for your team. Before going to clash, you need to be familiarize with the location of your teammate as well as your opponent. If you know that they are outnumbered, don’t hesitate to do clash. Regarding with my build, expect that you can’t kill everyone instantly unlike with most ability based champion. Make sure that your teammate is close enough for you them to follow up. You have movement speed boost and you need to consider your speed and your teammate to make them viable in clash.

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