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Have you ever wondered that even with the help of Mobile Legend guide still there are players can easily beat you? Did you notice the incredible way of how they play this game that let them do dodge, engage, clash, gank easily?

The answer is because they are using in cheat in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. We already knew this long ago but we missed to include it in our post as we believed that most players already knew this trick. So instead of working for this one, we focused on sharing legend item build and guides such as for Nana, Franco, Minotaur, Miya and etc.  Until my friend asking me why there are some players are so good in Mobile Legends even playing MOBA is not new to him. I answered him with this cheat and he realized that this is the reason why he can’t still dominate the game that much.

So the trick here is to use Nox Emulator and play Mobile Legends using keyboard and mouse. I found out that this website already shared a guide on how you play Android games in PC using keyboard so you better check that link for it. Instead of just simply tapping, you will map the location of your screen with corresponding keys. Can you imagine why there are players are so good in dodging attack and coordinating moves, it is because they are playing using keyboard and mouse.

If you are going to play Mobile Legends in portable device, basically you have only two fingers to use not unless you are going to put down your gadget so you can use four fingers with your right hand. But still this can’t beat a guy who are using keyboard having 5 fingers and 1 hand for the mouse. It is like playing real competitive MOBA on PC.

Try it and you will see how easy for you to play Bang Bang. We called it cheat since the game is not really designed for this. From the title you have mobile so it should be played with either iOS and Android powered device. But then we can’t deny the fact that playing Mobile Legends on PC will gives you advantage in game so why go for stuff that will give you downside. If some players are spending money to unlock all legends in game and get advantage from it, we have also a different way on how we can make our own advantage.

Also even with the help of cheat, this will not spoil the game as the challenge is still there. Don’t worry because most players are already using it and I believe you will not get banned from just innovating yourself of playing this very challenging game. Enjoy!

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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