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This my Aurora Item Build and Strategy Guide. Unlike with typical build that most players use, this guide will help you how can you dominate the game using AD Aurora. Below you will see my explanation on every item as well as skill progression. I also included the strategy guide on how I played my Aurora so hopefully you will get the same result as mine. I admit that this is not a perfect build as there is no guide or tips that will work in all occasions. I added Pros and Cons on this build so you would know the high and low of this build so you can work it out and get the favor for you.

Also I do this little experimentation for Aurora in Normal (Match Up) instead of Rank Game due to my respect to other players. In Rank Game I need to play seriously and this include a lot with teamplay. Ironically in my objective of writing this guide which is to show you the full potential of this build, I played it as exhibition wherein I get as much kills as possible and playing roughly just to get the spotlight which is totally different the way I play on serious game.

I also encourage if you are going to try this build, do it on normal so other players will not get the risk in case that this build works differently for you. Aside from that, let’s go and carry your team with my Mobile Legends Aurora guide.

+High Crowd Control
+Good Teamfight presence
+Good skill damage despite of AD

-Low mobility
-Low crowd control
-Lack of sustain

So Why AD?

Because Magic Aurora is too mainstream. XD

This is not actually the first time I went for off-meta build. And as far as I understand the rotation of the game, AD will gives you a boundless damage output throughout the game. I successfully dominated this game using AD Rafaela, AD Nana, AD Minotaur, AD Estes, AD Cyclops and so on.

The reason behind it is because I don’t want cooldown to limit me. If you are relying too much with your skills as most magic-user based hero, after you cast your skill, you will be a little useful in game. I know that this can be solved by item with cooldown improvement. But if I’m going to build an AD, I have always a threat to the enemy using my basic attack. In hero like Aurora she has a good burst that can kill target so I don’t think I should invest more for her magical damage. What I want to invest is to her basic attack so I will be useful as long as I stand in battle.

I tried it several times, my build against vs typical build on a same hero and I always get a good result. If you are going to fight me 1v1 in a AD vs Magic hero I all I need to do is to build up a magic defense and make sure that you can’t instakill me. After throwing all your abilities to me, you are useless and I can go for advantage. Also against with magic user with AD build, you need to build up a two set of defense (both magic/physical) if you really want to go for defensive item which I don’t recommend or you will lose a item slot for more important items.

Skill Build

Pride of Ice – Each time the skill is released, one unit of frost energy will be added to hero, when 4 units of frost energy is collected, the next skill damage will freeze the target. All skills can cause extra magic damage to the frozen target. I really like this skill that makes her very dangerous. This actually reminds me of using League of Legends’ Annie. All I need to do is to make sure that I have a good stack to activate the damage improvement before committing on engagement.

Frost Shock – Fires forward a Forst Energy missile, when it hits the enemy it will detonated and deal 240 radial magic damage and slow enemies down. This will be your bread and butter. Though it doesn’t have decent damage as Bitter Frost, but considering the cooldown and crowd control, I prioritize leveling this skill so I can make a good stack by spamming this ability. This is AD Aurora so we don’t need actually the damage output from her ability. We are going to use it as utility especially on harassing the opposing laner and doing a stack to maximize your damage output on every activation. At first you will find this skill tricky to use since it requires precision but as Layla main, I don’t find any problem hitting my target with Frost Shock. If you are having a hard time in this skill, you can do a combo of using Bitter Frost first so it will slowdown your target and then Frost Shock.

Bitter Frost – Deals: 420 magic damage to target and reduce target’s movement speed by 80%, lasting 1.5 seconds. A perfect burst skill with a good range and crowd control. If Frost Shock come difficult to use, Bitter Frost is a target hero skill that will set everything for you. What I hate in this skill is the cooldown. So I don’t think I should maximize leveling this skill over Frost Shock. This is also a good skill to ensure that you will get the last hit XD. This is my secret on my ultra high kill on my KDA.

Coldness Destroy – Summons a giant icy rock to bombard a designated target location, all enemy heroes hit will be slowed down and receive 800 magic damage. Surrounding enemies of the target location where the rock lands also will be slowed down and receive 400 magic damage. Aurora is not only good at burst and crowd control but with her ultimate, she is also a big threat on teamfight. Just make sure to hit your target with activated passive so it will freeze your target and make them off guard for your ultimate.

Item Build

Bloodlust Axe – +70 Physical Attack / Unique: 20% Cooldown Reduction / Unique Passive: Bloodthirsty: When skills cause damage, heals 15% of damage as HP for the hero. Thanks to this hero, this convinced me of playing Aurora as AD. From what I found disadvantage in using this hero, she has a very low in sustain. Building Bloodlust Axe will gives you an initial sustain for early phase of laning. I also like this item due to its 20% cooldown reduction. When playing Aurora you need to stack with your skill to maximize her damage output. In stacking damage, you need to have a good cooldown reduction. Bloodlust Axe is a complete package for it. Good attack damage, cooldown reduction and the unique passive of Bloodthirsty that works as spell vamp or magic-damage based lifesteal.

Swift Boots – +15% Attack Speed / +40 Movement speed. Do I need to say more? Actually there were times that I get Scarlet Phantom first over boots if I know that my teammate can handle their lanes but if they need my help, I get Swift Boots that let me roam freely to the entire map. I hope all Mobile Legends players know that kind of decision making in itemization wherein they need to work out for teamplay on early phase of the game.

Scarlet Phantom – +30 Physical Attack / +40% Attack Speed / +10% Critical Strike Chance / Unique Passive (Frenzy) – Crit Strikes will increase the hero’s attack speed by 35% and critical strike rate by 5%, lasting 2 seconds. I’m really fan of this item giving me everything I need to boost my basic attack damage output.

Blade of Despair – +130 Physical Attack / +25% Attack Speed / +10% Critical Strike chance / Unique Passive (Despair): Deals an extra 10% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state such as stun, knock airborne, transformation, and disable. As what I mentioned above, Aurora is a queen of CC, making Blade of Despair works would never be a problem for the entire game. From this item and her abilities, you can expect a permanent +10% damage.

Blade of Destruction – +70 Physical Attack / +20% Critical Strike Chance / Unique Passive: +50% Crit Damage / Unique Passive (Doom) : Critical strikes will increase one’s physical attack by 5% lasting 2 seconds. Since we are building up our critical,  You can get a lot of benefits from Blade of Destruction. This will boost your critical strike chance, physical attack damage and 50% critical damage. By the time you get this item, you will have 1000+ damage on your critical attack.

Thor’s Sting – +30% Attack Speed / +8% Movement Speed / 20% Critical Strike Chance / Unique Passive (Lightning) : After every 5 basic attacks, the next basic attack must deal 125 magic damage to 3 enemies / Unique Passive (Activate): Each time after lightning is cast, one’s movement speed will be raised by 5% for a brief time. This will complete the critical based set so you will reach a 60% crit chance. I also like the +8% movement speed so on my next item I can sell my boots and get Crazed Reaper that can tear down tank heroes. With the movement speed boost from Thor’s Sting and Crazed Repear and the crowd control of Aurora I don’t think I still need a boots at this moment.

Final Note

That’s it and if you have a suggestion or question about this build, you can reach me through the comment section below. I’m open for other off-meta build for Aurora. I’m also thinking of writing a full support guide for her on my next post. But for now I will try to use different offensive item variation such as Tooth of Greed instead of Bloodlust Axe or Endless battle for additional lifesteal, movement speed, physical-magical attack and the buffs from Divine Justice. Considering that she has 3-5 seconds cooldown with her Frost Shock this will benefits her a lot. Also in late game, I rely on my basic attack over skill so that is the time I sell my Bloodthirsty Axe and get Tooth of Greed. Enjoy!

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