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When just a child, both of Alucard’s parents were killed by demons and he was imprisoned and suffered cruelties at their hands for several months, until finally hew was rescued by demon hunters and raised by them. From a young age, he was raised to be an outstanding demon hunter, with an extreme enmity for the demon race. The three iron laws of the demons hunters are : Swear no allegiance to any army. Spare not a single one of demonkind. Never story carrying out missions.


This guy is unstoppable in harassing tilted hero because of his gap-closing passive. A good carry in game and a big threat to most marksman if well fed because of his passive and ultimate. Alucard can carry you in mid tier easily since in lower elo they don’t have the so called support. Everyone is looking for a kill and that is how Alucard can take them one by one.

+Very good gap-closer
+Good Sustain
+Good Damage
+Good looks
+Almost invincible in 1v1 trades because of lifesteal.

+No CC
+No team presence
+Item reliant


Pursuit – After using a skill, the next basic attack will teleport the hero next tot he target. If the ability only targets one enemy, then it will deal 1.2x damage. If it only targets two enemies, it will deal 1.1x damage. (passive)

Groundsplitter – Leaps forward and strikes 1x. A strike deals 240 physical damage to the enemy.

Whirling Smash – Slashes at enemies in the area, dealing 230 physical damage.

Fission Wave – Increases the hero’s lifesteal effect by 20% while also locking in at enemy. Damage dealt to this enemy within 8 seconds must trigger the extra passive damage effect, as well as increase current lifesteal effect by 100%. While this ability is in effect, the hero can cast forth powerful Attack Waves that deal 440 physical damage.

Item Build

Fallen Sword – +10% lifesteal as well as +45 physical damage and +30% attack speed. There are some players get tooth of greed first over this item. But for me, fallen sword is better because of the additional attack speed and physical damage.

Tooth of Greed – +75 Physical Attack / 25% Lifesteal / Frenzy : When HP drops below 20%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal. Good for lane sustain because of 25% lifesteal.

Swift Boots – 15% attack speed / +40 movement speed.

Blade of Destruction – +75 Physical Attack / 20% Critical Strike Chance / 50% Critical Damage / Doom : Critical strikes will increase on’e physical attack by 5% lasting 2 seconds. This will gives you a powerspike from critical damage and physical attack.

Scarlet Phantom – +30 Physical attack / +40% attack speed / +10% Critical Strike Chance / Frenzy : Critical strikes will increase the hero’s attack speedy by 35% and critical strike rate to 10% that lasts for 2 seconds.


Wind Chaser – +60 Physical Attack / +45% Physical Penetration. Get it if against tank.

Immortality – +800 Hp / +40 magic resistance / Rebirth : resurrect in 2 seconds after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP. Shield last for 3 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown.

Strategy Guide

Just like what I mentioned in my Mobile Legends Jungle Guide, having a sustain and mobility are good factor of picking a hero for jungling. You will see Alucard walking through camp to camp and harassing enemy hero in 2v1 engage. Because of his outstanding gap closing skills and ultimate that boost his lifesteal he can go tower dive to his helpless victim.

To play Alucard well, you must have the guts of chasing your target even it requires you to kill him under his tower. Don’t hesitate to do it because with passive and perfect build that we mentioned above, Alucard would likely become invincible with his ultimate. So far this is the first hero I saw about what the real well fed means. You can’t really kill this guy and the biggest threat from him is you can’t also run from his skills.

To counter Alucard, he is actually not imbalanced it is only in the lower elo where everyone is playing without teamwork. There is no support to protect the carry. Everyone is building AD and no tanks. Especially don’t have enough CC for teamfight.

The number weakness of Alucard is crowd control. He squishy and if he get stunned or disabled, he can’t lifesteal and that will be his end.

Also Alucard is poor in teamfight as most of his skills are for solo target. He doesn’t have CC which is very important in teamfight. He is very powerful in 1v1 but Mobile Legends should be played by 5v5 which is the biggest mistake that you are going to experience in lower elo – no teamwork.

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