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Alpha is another is another creation of Laboratory 1718 after Saber left. Mad scientist got a new idea from a famous sci-fi movie. Using human bodies as biological material and space meteorolite as metal skeletons, they created powerful twins. Alpha and Beta, as known as “Flesh Weapon’, are capable of utilizing a supernatural power that’s ubiquitous but very mystery. However, the twins had themselves conscious awakened since they were born, and refused to become killing machines. Getting help from Saber, they escaped from the alt-world. However, on their way to escape, the made man Beta’s core was destroyed. All that Alpha could bring out was Beta’s half metal arm. After coming to the Land of Dawn, with the help of master machinist Rooney, now Beta keeps company with Alpha as a form of an aircraft.


This is the newest hero from patch 1.1.50 and as a newest hero this obviously OP. Alpha is a very good duelist because of his DPS and crowd control. He has also a decent damage from stacking attacks. Of course I’m thinking for nerf on this hero in the future but not for now. So as long as he still imbalanced in-game, use it in rank and get higher division.

+ Good duelist
+ Good CC
+ Good sustain
+ High damage from stacks
+ Easy mechanics

– Single target
– Need to get stacks
– Low mobility
– Low teamfight presence


Go, Beta! – Using skills will summon Beta to attack and mark the target. Beta will attack the target continuously after 2 marks dealing 180 true damage. (Passive)

Rotary Impact – Launches a slash forwards, dealing 235 physical damage to enemies along the way and lower their movement speed by 60% for 2 seconds. After the light wave launches, Beta will follow its trace to strafe, dealing 95 physical damage.

Force Swing – After powering up for a while, the hero will strike forwards in a conical area and deal 245 physical damage to enemies and slow them down. Every hit on an enemy will increase self’s attack speed by 5% and restore 85 Hp. While powering up, Beta will strafe at enemies along the edge of attack range, dealing 105 physical damage.

Spear of Alpha – Wields the light spear powerfully, stunning the target when it hits. The hero will be pulled to the hit enemy, dealing 355 physical damage to enemies along the way. When the light spear hits, it will guide the light suit to strafe toward the target’s area, dealing 205 physical damage.

Item Build

Crazed Reaper – +65 Physical Attack, +300Hp / +20% attack speed / Fury : Basic attacks will increase hero’s movement speed by 10% / Steamroll : Basic attacks will lower target physical armor by 7. This effect can stack up to 5 times.

Warrior Boots – +22 Armor / +40 Movement Speed / Valor : Physical defense will go up 3 with each attack received, for an increase of up to 15 points for 3 seconds.

Blade of Despair – +130 Physical Attack / +25% attack speed / 10% Critical Strike chance / Despair : deals an extra 15% damage to an enemy in abnormal state (stunned, knocked airborne, transformed, disabled). Good in increasing attack speed and damage output as we need this for stacking up damage.

Blade of Destruction – +75 Physical Attack / 20% Critical Strike Chance / 50% Critical Damage / Doom : Critical strikes will increase on’e physical attack by 5% lasting 2 seconds. This will gives you a powerspike from critical damage and physical attack.

Demon Wings – +15 Physical Attack / +770 Hp / Demonize : increases attack by 40 when Hp drops below 40%.


Wind Chaser – +60 Physical Attack / +45% Physical Penetration. Get it if against tank.

Immortality – +800 Hp / +40 magic resistance / Rebirth : resurrect in 2 seconds after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb damage equal to 40% max HP. Shield last for 3 seconds. 180 seconds cooldown.

Strategy Guide

I found this hero not really difficult to play and gives high winning rate because of his damage output that comes along with crowd control. All of his active skills have crowd control. His passive gives you decent damage from stacks. The match output upon using Alpha will only be based on how effectively you are going to use him for team objective.

The only downside of using this hero is lack of AoE skill and more focus on 1v1 duel. I saw most players who get defeated in using Alpha is their lack of team objectives. The fact is, this hero is OP and because of that players are chasing enemy heroes for kill forgetting their team objective – destroy turrets and ultimately nexus.

Due to Alpha’s crowd control you can also play him as support. But this guide is for full AD Alpha as I found him fun to play in this role. Actually even playing as AD, if I have a chance to protect my carry, I don’t hesitate to do it as I can slow down the threat on his way.

For your main role, it is your duty to assassinate carry and make them ineffective as possible. With all crowd controls he has in his kit, you can kill any squishy hero you want. Just be careful as Alpha is also lack in mobility, so don’t draw the attention of enemy team towards you but you must come in surprise.

In laning, Alpha has good sustain, just try to analyze the situation by having advantage on minions or turrets. Once you have a chance, attack the enemy with your ever slowing skills. You have sustain and if I’m using a hero with good sustain, I usually not going an all-in unless I know that I can kill him, I just poke him with skills and run away from gap. Get regen from Alpha’s force swings and attack again. If I know that on his current Hp I can kill him with my all-in I will go for it otherwise I will just wait for a good opportunity.

Alpha has just released recently and know that I will discover more from his potential. Don’t forget to bookmark my guide for more updates in the future. Enjoy!

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