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To be a Pro it is not only about perfect item build in Mobile Legends but also a good combination of executing skills. So in this guide we will share to you the combo of every hero in game.  This to complete our guide from all heroes counter to advanced tip of using specific hero in game. Also you must consider that this combo is based from the typical build of each hero. So if we say Nana combo it is for magic user nana build and not our pro build Nana AD. Let’s go!

Akai combo – Your main combo when engaging a single target is through your 1st skill – 2nd skill and then ultimate for more crowd control. And for team clash, your combo should be ultimate – 2nd skill – and 1st skill for securing a kill. As you can see we don’t engage using ultimate just like a typical player. It is because this is predictable. When your opponent see you cast that skill, they will think that you are going to engage and they will dodge you easily. But in teamfight this is effective since even there are heroes that can dodge Akai’s ultimate, as a clash for sure there will be less mobile hero that you are going to hit.

Alice combo – This hero requires a good combo to become effective in game. Fortunately she has skills that deals with AoE damage thus it will not be difficult for you to hit target. But of course the more enemies you hit, the better. Alice skills execution will be, first skill – first skill reactivation to get near – second skill – ultimate.

Alucard combo – He has simple combo that goes like first skill (gap close) – 2nd skill (damage) – ultimate for lifesteal and reactivation for AoE damage. I saw some players use Alucard’s ultimate first that makes them predictable. Unless you are sure, don’t use your ultimate that will only reveal your action. Also don’t engage if your first skill miss. That is your key if you are going to win the trades or not in the same item-progress as yours.

Alpha combo – What makes Alpha a big threat to squishy is his gap-closing ability with ultimate. So start your combo with your ultimate then 2nd skill and because of your slow, you will have a good precision with your first skill. Commonly I see player spam their first skill and once hit, they will go for all in using ultimate and 2nd skill. Well that is OK but for more aggressive Alpha or if you think that you have big advantage over your target, go for ultimate – 2nd skill and 1st skill.

Balmond combo – Let’s make it simple, use Balmond’s first skill as gap close, crowd control and then 2nd skill while your target is in slow for additional damage and use your ultimate as your finishing attack. You must wait for your first skill to hit your target before you go for all in.

Bane combo – Hit your target with Bane’s 1st skill and then ultimate if you think this can kill him. Also it is good to use ultimate in front of his tower so it will damage his tower too for double purpose attack.

Bruno combo – Spam Bruno’s first skill to reduce your enemies’ Hp as possible. Then go all in with your 2nd skill and ultimate if you are sure that this can kill your target.

Chou combo – Engage with Chou’s 2nd skill so it will gives you immunity to crowd control and you can ensure that you can get closer to your target. Then cast your first skill for decent damage. If the damage is not enough, use your ultimate to throw your target with your allies for more damage assistance.

Clint comboClint doesn’t have complicated combo. Just spam your first skill and ultimate and use your 2nd skill if you need to defend yourself or to extend a move forward.

Eudora combo – Start with Eudora’s electric arrow or 2nd skill to improve your other skills’ precision. So it will be 2nd skill (stun) – 1st skill (magic resist down) and ultimate for massive damage.

Fanny combo – Use your 2nd skill as gap closing and engaging ability. Then go for Fanny’s 1st skill for damage and ultimate for finishing skill.

Franco comboFranco’s 1st skill as a good initiator then 2nd skill for more damage and crowd control and finally your ultimate for additional disable.

Freya combo – Engage using Freya’s first skill then ultimate to improves your damage and defense stats and 2nd skill for additional damage and crowd control. Make sure that you have a good follow up from your teammate if you are not well fed yet.

Gord combo – 1st skill for crowd control which will be a good set up for your 2nd skill and ultimate. You need to execute Gord’s combo well by stacking more damage using passive.

Hayabusa combo – His primary engaging skill is his ultimate as this is perfect to go closer to his squishy target. Follow by 1st skill for crowd control and damage for finishing skill is his 2nd skill.

Kagura combo – She is more on spamming than all in combo. But to make effective the chain for executing her skills, better starts with your first skill for slow then 2nd skill for additional damage and ultimate for finishing skill.

Karina combo – Engage with your first skill as gap closing ability. Release your 2nd skill to make sure that you have enough damage for your ultimate to kill your target and get boosted by cooldown reset.

Layla combo – Just spam your 1st skill as possible and 2nd skill to give you time for more free hit. If you are aiming for a single target make sure it has enough life for you to kill him with your ultimate. In clash you can use your ultimate and hit several target without hesitation. It doesn’t matter if you can kill it or not because as AD carry, your basic attack is your primary damage output.

Lolita combo – The same with other initiator, you just need to wait for your first skill to successfully hit your target to disable them before going for all in. You can also consider executing your ultimate over several target so they will get slow and let your teammate go for kill.

Minotaur combo – There is one rule in doing a combo with this hero. Make sure your rage is full before going in. He has a very easy execution with his skill. Initiate with your ultimate when you have several target or you can use your 1st skill if you are aiming for one target and use ultimate for follow up.

Miya combo – Spam your 1st skill as possible as this will gives you a good last hit for several minions. But the key for initiating attacks is with your 2nd skill. When you see that your opponent just took the damage from it, follow it up with your ultimate for more attack speed and do trades. After 4 hits from your second skill it will get froze which it will let you buy more time to do free hit.

Natalia combo – Among all heroes in game, Natalia has the most interesting combo wherein if you execute it well, your opponent has no chance to dodge your attack. As for her combo, first you need to get invisible by going in to the bush. While in invisibility state, get near to your target and hit it with your basic attacks. Cast a smoke bomb so it will lose his accuracy with his basic attack. While in smoke screen use your ultimate to slow down your enemy until it dies.

Nana combo – Just spam your first skill as this your bread and butter. When you see that you can kill your target based on his current Hp, do the combo of 2nd skill – 1st skill – ultimate. You need 2nd skill that will gives you a better precision with your 1st skill damage. You can also execute your ultimate first if you see that this is able to hit several target.

Rafaela combo – Just spam your skill especially your heal. I don’t find any difficulty on her combo. She is  all about using all she got in game. But as a common combo, first you need to hit your target with your first skill to slow it down and then use your ultimate to execute damage and stun. The first skill will stands as your set since your ultimate requires good precision from player.

Ruby combo – Your 2nd skill is what you are going to use to initiate an attack. Followed by your 1st skill for your damage and ultimate for more disable and damage. It is not difficult to execute combo for Ruby as most of her skills have disable either stun or pull.

Saber combo – It is not difficult to execute Saber’s combo. All you have to do is to get close with your target using your 2nd skill and then ultimate. You can kill any marksman as long as you are not tilted in game or the marksman is not well fed.

Sun combo – This hero is very straightforward. All you have to do is to hit your target with your first skill and then follow it up with your 2nd skill. Make sure to activate as many doppelganger as possible.

Tigreal – Engage with your 1st skill as slow will gives you a good precision for your 2nd skill. I seen most players engaging with their 2nd skill which come as predictable and easy to dodge. While the slow from your first skill will gives them no chance at avoiding unless they will use flicker or other dodging skills. So the combo should be 1st skill – 2nd skill – ultimate.

Yun Zhao combo – Use Spear strike to get close and then first skill and ultimate for more damage. There is some circumstances wherein, your 2nd skill is not enough to get close to your target as it has a good mobility too. This time, you should cast your ultimate skill then 2nd skill and 1st skill for a good utility and damage.

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