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Akai was exiled to the distant land of dawn by his villagers for eating up all of the food they had stored for the winter. Here his rurprising power and size have received heavy admiration. As long as you can satisfy his endless appetite, there is no enemy that this guy cannot defeat.


I really like this hero as a good initiator in teamfight that deals with good crowd control, gap close, and get damaged from enemy team and still can survive due to tankiness of Akai from his kit and build. I like to see how enemy team get rattle when they see me cast my ultimate. If you love tank hero with incredible teamplay, Akai is good you can pick with.

+Natural tank from his kit
+AoE crowd control
+Very good passive

-Ultimate can be annoying if not properly coordinated with the team.
-Item Reliant to make his passive be noticeable.
-Can be easily kited/cc’d if team don’t follow up
-Team reliant


Brute Force – Adds 2% of max HP to physical attack. (passive)

Thousand Pounder – Jump into the target area, dealing 170 physical daamge to enemies when landing and a 55% slow down effect. Fro the next 3 seconds, the following basic attacks will deal an extra 50% physical damage.

Guardian – Deals 140 plus 15% of own missing HP as physical damage to enemies in the area. Also equips self with a shield that can block up to 360 damage and last for 4 seconds. (8.5 seconds cooldown. 50 mana cost)

Meat Tank – Becomes a ball in 4 seconds and starts to dash. Each hit will knock back the target and deal 50 magic damage. (35 seconds cooldown. 60 mana cost)

Item Build

Crazed Reaper – +65 Physical Attack, +300Hp / +20% attack speed / Fury : Basic attacks will increase hero’s movement speed by 10% / Steamroll : Basic attacks will lower target physical armor by 7. This effect can stack up to 5 times. This consider as the core item for Akai that gives physical attack, attack speed and most importantly Hp. From his passive, we need to max out his Hp as possible that works as damage. So we must have items that has Hp boost on it.

Ice Force – +30 Physical attack / +1000 HP / Frost strike : basic attacks will have a 25% chance of lowering target movement speed by 35%. Hp + CC I really like this item that adds up my threat against enemy team. The Hp boost is decent enough to improve Akai damage.

Magic Shoes – +40 Movement speed / +10% cooldown reduction.

Oracle – +850 Hp / +36 Magic Resist / +35 Hp Regen / +%10 Cooldown Reduction / Scream : Within 4 seconds afer being attacked, teh hero will regen 4% Hp. This effect has 8 seconds cooldown time. This is must-have item in my set every time I’m playing a hero with high amount of HP. The passive gives great Hp regen that procs with your current Hp.

Bloodthirsty – +1150 / +75 HP regen / Bloodlust : A kill or assit regends 20% of hero’s HP in 5 seconds. This item has everything in improving your HP and Hp regen.

Cursed Helmet – +920 HP / +50 Magic Resistance / Unique Passive : Sacrifice deals 2% of one’s max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies. Higher Hp comes higher damage per second. This is the perfect item to complete our best build for Akai.

Strategy Guide

From the loading screen and looking with the line up, it is my habit to ask myself what role I’m going to play in this match. Playing with Akai, it is always gives me the answer of – fight initiator. Akai has abilities to initiate a fight. From AoE crowd control, gap-closer and being tank. That is what I really like in this guy who can take massive damage without dying because of his tankiness. Also unlike with most tanks in game, you are always on deciding of either going for full tank or put some damage. In Akai, just improving your HP will let your damage grows naturally. So even we built Akai with full tank, enemy team can’t simply ignore his threat when it comes to damage.

You are initiator and this comes with good decision making. To help you whether you are going to engage or not, you may refer on the following questions:

Do we have team advantage in numbers?

You can simply answer it by looking at the map. Map will tell your teammate location. Look if they are close to you. You can also see enemy team from the map and figure out their number. Ironically, most players are not looking at the map when they are going to engage or especially in clash. If you see that circumstance gives you advantage in numbers, go for engage.

Do we have team advantage in items?

You can also answer it by looking on match up. There you can see players KDA as well as how many gold they farm in game. If you know that you are going to engage with well fed hero, better to hold in turret and wait for a gank. As a long-time player or MOBA I have a habit to check match-up including items, golds, KDA from time to time so I can have an idea when we go for engage or clash. If you know you have more than 1 thousand gold advantage, go for engage.

Do we have team advantage in position?

Again you can look at the map to check your current position. It is also good to consider your push as this will let you have a successful takedown. If you see that your carry is well positioned and you have a push that will tank turret’s damage for takedown, this clash is worth giving a try. If you are a good lane pusher, you know how you are going to work with push especially with cannon.

If you understand the situation by answering those questions, prepare your Akai to engage. Using this hero you have two options to dive into enemy team. First is using his ultimate which is a common way of engaging and the Thousand Pounder on carry for sure hit and 2nd skill for damage and additional defense. I go for this combo when they are closer to another so I will hit most of them with my ultimate. When I aiming for one target, I go for Thousand Pounder first for gap close and then guardian for damage and additional defense and ultimate for another gap-closing skill if my target manage to escape.

That’s for my Akai item build and strategy guide. Please share this if you found it helpful to you especially in using Akai in Mobile Legends : Bang Bang.

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