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For those who are asking how we can make it to play and share guide for Cyclops without even releasing it in public, it is through Mobile Legends Advance Server.

What is this advanced server anyway? This serve as testing ground where eligible players can experience the upcoming updates before it release in public. While in other MOBA you need to get an exclusive account for this, here in Mobile Legends, you need only to be an Android user, playing in South East Asia region, level 20 above and have a decent latency to access the said server.

For some frequently asked questions about the Advance Server, you can check it below:

1. Advance Server is temporary? No this is permanent and it will serve as testing ground for new hero, new skin, and new updates.

2. Pros and cons in playing in Advance Server? As a testing ground, expect that there will be bug a lot of bugs in this server. Also in playing in two servers, this will divert your attention on which account you are going to focus to reach higher Tier. The fact is, you can’t play simultaneously especially if you reach Legend tier and you need a lot of win (stars) to become Glorious Legend. Also as a new server, all your skins, progress will be refreshed. Unless you really want to support this game and spending money isn’t a problem you can spend in both server.

That is what I found cons in playing in Advance Server. As for advantage, of course you can play the hero before it release on public. This will gives you idea on everything that might happen in the future. I also like the playing with advanced players in this server. As we mentioned above, only level 20 above and with stable can play on Advance Server. This is a good assurance that you will get teamed up with players having decent connection as well as advanced players as they already reached level 20 in original server.

3. Can I go back on my main server once I went to Advance Server? This is a worry for most players. They don’t want to test the Advance Server worrying that this will wipe out their progress from original server. I understand as some players experience wiped out for not binding their game on Facebook or Google account. Well for assurance you should bind your account on Facebook or Google. In this case, you are not actually changing account but server. You can go back anytime you want from your main server.

With your worries answered above, let’s try the Advance Server and together we can enjoy the future updates of Mobile Legends.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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