Mobile Legends : Abilities Guide


For you to know the right ability to use in Mobile Legends : Bang Bang you must based it on your team composition, your play-style, and the opposing team. Below are details about the abilities that you can use in game including the icon, how to unlock and description.

Name Icon Unlock Description
Execute Level 1 Deal 240 - 800 (based on level) true damage against hero.
Retribution Level 1 Deal 600 true damage against nearby jungle monsters or minions. During cooldown the ability vanish is able to use.
Fury Level 5 Lowers target defense by 20% and boosting hero attack speed by 55% and 15% physical damage.
Assault Level 7 Instantly increase movement speed by 42%. The effect slowly fades over 7 seconds.
Healing Spell Level 9 Regen 10% HP for you and nearby teammates. If only 1 ally hero receives healing, then the affect will increase by 50%.
Interference Level 11 Silence defense turrets for 3-5 seconds and lower their defense by 10.
Stun Level 13 Stuns all surrounding enemies and puts them into a state of confusion for 1 second raising the ability cost 100% and lowering movement speed.
Purify Level 15 Removes all negative effects and grants immunity from disables for 2 seconds and raises movement speed by 30%
Weaken Level 17 Reduces all specified hero's movement speed by 50% and physical and magic defense by 40%.
Flicker Level 19 Teleport a certain distance in a specified direction. For 1 second after the teleport, duration of disabling effects received will be reduced by 50%.

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