MOBA Legends : Uxar Strategy and Build Guides


For those who found this legend so interesting to play, here is guide for Uxar that includes skills preview, build, strategy, role, and etc. Uxar is frost mage that comes great in crowd control just like in other ice-based character. His kit includes stuns, defensive shields and other damaging spells. Being generalist in crowd control, he is great for supporting allies in the entire phase of the game.

As for his ability, his first skill is Icy Blast, This inflict damage to all enemies within 200 units. It will slow down enemies movement speed and attack speed for 2.5 seconds. Best to use for initiating a gank and sets because it is not only decreasing the movement speed for gap-close but also debuffs their attack speed which is a good against AD carry.

His second ability is the Frost Shield and this is what makes Uxar a good support. He cast a shield around himself increasing his physical defense. By tanking the attacks of your opponent it will slows them down. A good quality of being a support is the tankiness of this legends. We can use legends that can do CC but this guy package all the CC, debuffs and tankiness.

His third skills that come to be passive is the Resurgence. This ability let Uxar to recover his MP when one nearby allies is killed. This also boost his next skills attack as a magical attack bonus. This skill can stack up to 3 times. This is your last resort when you are in a team fight and you have the disadvantage in a clash.

And for this ultimate ability, the Frozen Orb. Uxar throws a orb that ricochets between nearby enemies up to 10 times. (reminds me of playing Lich in DotA. The higher the level the more it will bounce. The orb will deal damage every time it hits enemies and it will stun the enemy for .01 sec which is good for canceling channeling attacks. This ability is best to use against two enemies so both of them can soak massive damage from the ricochet.

Uxar Build and Strategy Guides

You can start buying the Soul Eater Staff then Staff of Wisdom. This will helps you invest more damage in poking your opponent. Using this item you can have lane dominance and discouraging enemy players initiating a clash. If you have a control over the fights, you can easily dictate when to fight and not and that is a good advantage in playing MOBA. Just sustain them until your ultimate skill is ready and for your teammate to dominate the clash.

Cast your ultimate when you see 2 legends on your way so they will get the most damage from it. You have the control in clash so you can say when or not to clash and best thing to clash is when you find the opportunity for your ultimate to deal the most damage.

In playing with Uxar you must decide what role you are going to do so you can adapt the build on it. As what I can see for players who are playing Uxar, he is best in support rather than carry. And being a support you must adjust your item especially with your runes. You must have a 3 Gold per second on your spirit runes so you will not left behind in item. As a legend that can bully the opposing team, early game is the best part for you to dominate. Once you get the this phase, there is no doubt that you can have the mid game.

That’s for Uxar build and strategy guide. If you want to add yours, you can use the comment form below.


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