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If you played MOBA before such as League of Legends or Dota 2, this game is not really new to you. With such experience, you can easily discover how things work and how can you dominate the game. What I really love in playing MOBA is that the essence of skill vs skill and not pay-to-win game. But putting in mobile platform, I hope they made an exemption for this game. Anyway we can do nothing about that if they want to make the game pay-to-win. What we need to do is to ensure that we are going to do our best in playing it. Don’t worry I’m here to guide you playing MOBA Legends so you can win even against cash spenders. So lets’ start it

1. Take advantage with daily-checking rewards. Since we know that you are not going to spend cash in this game, so we need to take advantage all compensation in game. One of the most common freebies in game is the daily check-in rewards. Here you just need to log-in and claim your rewards to get 50K coins, new skins, diamonds, and lot more. Even if you don’t feel playing the game, just check it so you can claim your freebies. This is to ensure that you are to play MOBA Legends actively.

2. Redeem promo codes. Most mobile games has this reward system wherein you need to use other players promo code or invitational codes. Usually you can get these codes from comment form below or you can share your redemption code too so other players will see it and probably use it. In this system, both inviter and invited players will have freebies. This is another way to use players to promote the game in return of rewards.

3. Take advantage the free draw. If you have diamonds, this is the best way to spend it as you can get premium rewards here. And as a free-user you can still get yours because from time-to-time will be entitled to get free draw. Just make sure to remember how many hours/minutes you need to wait for your free draw. Here you can either use gold or gems but mostly cool rewards are from premium draw.

4. Spend on discounted items. Now if you are willing to spend cash in this game as you believe that you need to support the game and the develop for better project in the future, don’t forget to spend it on discounted items. Here you can directly unlock better stuffs such as Monkey King Rowland, Booster Pack, Jonik Package, and lot more.

5. Complete your daily quest. Compare to typical MOBA, here you have daily quest that you can complete to earn rewards. I told you that we need to take advantage every reward system and daily quest is one of them. It is not actually difficult to complete these task and the best thing here is that you will know if you are playing the game right or not. Meaning to say you are playing the game right if not you must consider downloading MOBA Legends cheats or spending money for it.

6. Join event. This will diversify the game from repetitive daily task into more exciting random events. By participating in event, you will get rewards as well as to prove yourself that you are  one of the best in this game. As you can see all players can participate in events. These events usually endorse competitive gaming which will challenge your strategy in game. Actually this is the reason why most players are enjoying this genre.

7. Use social feature for your advantage. Basically in playing mobile games, you will get advantage by participating in social feature of the game like adding friends or linking your game on Facebook you can earn rewards or this will let you play MOBA Legends into different device. Your social friends can also give you free gifts including diamonds or you can send gifts too.

8. Improve only your main hero. I know there are lots of heroes you can use in game and it is really difficult to decide what you are going to use. As a newbie, I recommend to improve only your main or your favorite hero because the fact is that you can’t upgrade them all especially as free user. It is also better to master a single hero first and let you use it in different situation. Yes having an improved hero gives you advantage but the overall factor of the game is how you will play it. If you can use your main hero in all situation, you can easily master other powerful heroes.

For now these are what I think might help you as new player of MOBA Legends. And if you have something to add or want to ask further you can reach me through comment box below. Enjoy!


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