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From the our list of MOBA based game that we are working today, the three game that take the lead are MOBA Legends, Mobile Legends and Heroes Evolved. And today we are going to share to you guides for MOBA Legends as what we found there are lots need to be discussed in this game. This post is actually for in-depth Raven strategy and build guides as we found that this legend is really fun to play as she can eliminate opponent especially enemy carry in seconds.

Raven should be played as assassin who hides in the shadows and strikes when no one is noticing. She is best in interrupting enemy legends special moves, stealing life and changing the game by simply crippling the team’s carry. Like what we’ve said in our general strategy guides for playing MOBA Legends, carry is the main arsenal of the team who is best on dealing damage against anyone. And the biggest threat for carries is assassin which Raven excels with.

The main strategy of playing Raven is to stay in the jungle and farm golds from monsters camps. With the skills and damage needed to kill opponent instantly you can come from the shadows and kills squishy enemies such as carries giving them no chance.


Shadow Step – She charge forward dealing damage to an enemy and decreases their movement speed. This is Raven’s primary crowd of control which makes her very effective for ganking. Aside from CC, you can also use this ability for utility as you can move through walls with this skill.

Swift Strike – This skill will gives your normal attack a chance to hit twice. It will helps you cast out a burst damage against your target.

Dark Shroud – This is her passive skill which gives her a chance to ignore all incoming damage and recover her HP when upon receiving an attack. This what makes her almost invincible during team fights. This is very effective in fighting Ice and Fire giants which scales hard in late game.

Time Barrier – Her ultimate skills that creates a zone that freezes time and all who are inside of it. (The same as DotA’s Faceless Void ultimate) Everyone including your teammate will be stopped upon going on the spherical zone. So you need to be careful in utilizing this ultimate. The best way to use this skill is to use the Shadow Step and rush to your enemy team and use Time Barrier. The more enemies get stuck on the your ultimate, the better.


Choosing the right perk is a major decision making especially on a legend like Raven. And the perk that procs on her mechanics is the Crimon Flame which deals a bonus damage. She needs this perk so she can deal burst damage against opponent. This will let you play aggressively especially in early game. We all know that Raven is weak on early game and this perk will fill up this disadvantage.

Item Build

Soul Cutlass – +45 physical attack

Gale Boots – +45 movement speed / +30% attackspeed  / +2 PDEF

Thunder Hammer – +30% attack speed / Passive: Normal attacks have 30% chance to cause a 100 damage attack chain

Magnificent Bow – +10 physical attack / +20% attackspeed / +4% magic defense / +10% Dodge

Spindle Cutter – +25 physical attack / Passive : Normal attacks have 15% chance to score 1.75x critical hit

Chaos Claw – +20% attack speed / +15% Life Steal / Passive : Normal attacks have 12% chance to increase attack speed by 40%

That’s for recommended Raven build. If you know better build than this, let us know together with your question regarding with this build. You write it down using the comment box below. You can also check Uxar build and see if this also works better with your play style.

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