MOBA Legends : Choosing The Right Perk Guides


For you to know the right perk to use in MOBA Legends you must base it on your team composition, your play-style, and the opposing team. Below are details about the perks and tips you on how you should select them.

Cloud Rider – this is perk that will helps initiate a fight or going out of battle. This is a good gap-closer perk that you can use both in offense and defense. The good thing in this perk is the passive and active party. As for passive this will boost your movement speed permanently based on your perk’s level. When you activate this perk it will max out your movement speed for short period of time. You can bring this perk in arena if your champion is lack in mobility or he is the imitator in the team.

Crimson Flame – this perk will lets you shoot a stream of fire at your opponent. The attack is possible to cast either in short and long distance. This perk is good addition to your burst kit. Go for Crimson Flame if you need to add damage dealing boost.

Cyclone – This requires deeper understanding in the game as this can result both disadvantage and advantage for players who are using it. Cyclone requires a good initiation in the game and decision making. This skill can be used on both enemy or self target. Upon using, a cyclone will immobilize the target and making it untargetable for attacks. This will annoy your team if not use properly but also very rewarding if you master the right timing on when or where to use this perk.

Frost Ring – this perk will boost your damage against the target and slow down their movement speed for a short duration. Common perks for support role that will give way for their carry to inflict most damage to the target and shortly immobilizing them to be kited easily.

Grace – this perks will restore you and your team on both MP and HP. This is a general perk that works in most legends. It gives you a good support in team-fight as well as sustain in laning. Along with Frost Ring, this perk is common for support role so they can give sustain to the carry and additional defensive measure in team fight.

Guardian – the must-be perk for tank and initiator in game. This perk will gives you an extra shield of protection against incoming damage. As a tank you are expected to soak up most damage and fill your carry so it will survive in team fight. The misconception on being a tank is taking all the damage and die. You are tank and your role is yes to get the most damage but “not to die” you need also to survive and Guardian will help you do this.

Mana Shield – good perk against crowd control. If you see that the opposing team got most of crowd control kit you must get this perk. Mana shield will protect you from CC such as stun, immobility, and magical damage.

Midas Touch – Junglers must have this perk so they have sustain and easy clear in jungle. This perk will kill monsters in jungle and gives additional gold.

Shrinks – This perk is capable of shrinking an enemy legend that last in short duration. While in shrink status, enemy is not able to cast any of their abilities and their movement decrease by 50%. A good perk for filling and gap-close.

Teleport – This perk works for both offense and defense either getting in or out in battle. Teleport can let you travel instantly in short distance. This perks can let you pass through walls or units.

That’s for choosing the right perk for your situation. And if you want to get more from MOBA Legends cheats, guides and tips, you can bookmark our website and receive more updates in the future.


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