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We came to the point of sharing this cheat as WE found out that this gave us advantage in playing other MOBA based game in mobile such as Mobile Legends and Heroes Evolved. We missed to include this in our list on the first place as we thought that most players already using this trick but until someone asked how come for me to play such game smoothly. I mean I can simply dodge skills, activate my skills, do gank, poke and engaging fight. They also said that even they are playing MOBA Legends for the long time, they can’t easily master the game in terms of playing it.

Actually I’m also new to this game but not in MOBA as I used to play League of Legends, DotA and other massively online batttle arena in mobile. I’m not really new to the mechanics of the game and I’m using a cheat to play it with my full potential with the aid of keyboard and mouse. Yes that is possible and I called it a cheat because it is not the way for this mobile game to be played. Regardless of how you should play the game, it is all about advantage as the game engage competitive scene. We can’t deny the fact that it is easy to play MOBA using keyboard and mouse as this is how the game designed to be played from the original concept of the game.

Now for you to play MOBA Legends on PC, you can go to this guide as this website already included a tutorial to make it possible. Using keyboard and mouse you can use five fingers instead of just thumb as well as mouse that will give you ease in pointing or moving your legend. This makes me dodge skills easily as well as macro-managing my character. If you see your opponent is so clever in moving their legends as well as very smooth in using abilities there is no doubt that they are using this cheat too.

In high competitive games,  everyone will do their part to get advantage. Some players are spending cash to unlock all legends while us, we are going to simplify the control for our own advantage. I remember those days of using macro keys for DotA as it is really difficult to activate item activatable skills. From that difficulty they innovate and that is the born of League of Legends. And so with mobile games, there are emulators that we can use so this can let us bind keys from tap location and we called it innovation too.

Hope this will help you a lot in playing MOBA Legends. If you found this helpful to you, don’t forget to share this to your friends who are also struggling playing MOBA in mobile. Also if you know other effective tricks like this, please share it using the comment section below.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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