MOBA Legends : Briya Strategy and Build Guides


Instakill that is how I describe Briya as she can burst down a carry from behind a tank or bursting a full tank if this gives a threat to her. As a burst based legend in game, Briya needs to be in right timing and position just like most carries in MOBA. Aside from being a burst based carry, Briya is a good lane pusher with good escape, snowball greatly in game and she synergize well with most legends in game.

But there is no perfect or almighty legend in game and that makes MOBA Legends fun to play. As for her disadvantage in the league, Briya is very vulnerable to CC as she needs someone to fill or support her. She also requires good decision making in teamfight. If you master that two key factors of playing MOBA, this legend will work on you the best.

Briya Item Build

As for item build, you can start with Crystal Boots that gives you +65 movement speed and +20 physical attack. Briya is lack of mobility and crystal boosts will gives you an early mobility for Briya. Next with movement speed, you can now go for Magnificent bow that gives you attack speed and damage and defense mechanism with 4 magic defense and + 10% dodge. That’s for the core items that you must have in every match.

For situational build, you can buy Chaos Claws that gives you another 20% attackspeed and +15% life steal. This item gives you sustain in laning if your opponent harass you hardly in early to mid game. What I really like in this item is the 40% attackspeed boost that you will get from basic attacks. It has 12% chance so the faster your attackspeed is, the higher the chance for this passive to active.

If your opponent can be easily kited, you can go for Meteor Hammer that gives you a 15% chance to stun target for 0.5 seconds. This is good against tank or any legends that has gap-closing skills. This will makes you survive longer especially in teamfight that gives additional crowd control on your kit.

If you are well fed and you want to invest to damage, you can go for critical attack with Spindle Cutter. This item will boost you +25 physical attack and a 15% chance to strike 1.75 critical hit. This item has everything you want from damage.

Strategy Guide

As a burst-based legend, you are always a threat to your opponent. All you have to do is to find a good timing and position for your all-in burst damage. I like to harass my opponent most of the time, but with Briya, it will be fun if you are going to focus with CS until you get to the point of killing your opponent instantly with surprise. Harassing means you are letting your opponent discover your capability in battle. If they had know that you have the advantage over them, they will play safe and that is not good for you having burst kit. You need to kill anyone in your lane instantly and not giving them a chance to spend more time in farming. Kill them in early and you will have what you need in mid and late game.

For the team fight, you need to stay out of enemy team’s carry. You are not a tank and you need to make sure are always a blindspot before your all-in. I mentioned about a good positioning, and for you to have this spot, you must not let your opponent where are you so they can’t anticipate your presence in teamfight. You need to surprise them and you can make it happen if your teammate knows how to reveal your opponent location. As a burst, there is no really difficult for you to kill, just make sure you will not die before you release all your attacks. Always go out from the range of your threat or you must kill them if you can’t help to keep distance.

As a burst you can also be an initiator but this requires a deep understanding on the situation and a different gameplay from what I shared strategy guide above. You can initiate a team fight if you know you can kill your target instantly without giving them a chance to fight back. You are not a tank and most players in match can also kill you helplessly. Secondly if you know the location of your biggest threat. If upon revealing your location doesn’t put you in danger, you can go for all-in. And ultimately if you know your target well or if you know that you can really kill them like they don’t have perk for escape or any skill that can dodge your attack.

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