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This is different game from MMA Manager of Bit by Bit Games. So don’t get confused as this free app is from Prey Studios which is totally more awesome game that the paid one. The game is in 3rd though both games will take you to the role of building a gym full of fighters. Here you need to train them in disciplines to fit on battle. You have in your hand on how you are going to build them either focus on punch, kick, grab and so on. This is a matter of strategy and countering your opponent’s moves so you must have tons of fighting styles to cope up with your game’s progress.

And to help you achieve the peak of your career, we are going to share to you cheats and guides for playing MMA Manager.

1. Having a good start. For a good jumpstart, it is worthy to spend your premium currency for 20,000 cash which you can use to speed up your training by hiring more trainer and getting higher tier of equipment. The expensive the package the more discount you can get. So in case you want to spend cash, get the highest package. In my case, I have used my free premium credits to convert on 20,000 cash.

2. Cheap trainer / lower tier trainer is better if you just started playing the game. Now that you have enough cash for hiring trainer, the next question is who is going to add in your gym. Actually the system works as lower tiers train faster than higher but they have a minimal amount of stats to contribute. There is a stat cap for every trainer and high tier trainers have higher stats but longer training time. If you just started playing the game, it would be better if you are going to start with lower tier so you can maximize your stats with shorter period of training.

3. Training cheat. Now that you have trainers, you can ensure that they will work in their full potential if you are going to use a simple cheat on it. With this cheat, you won’t waste any minute as you can guarantee that they are working to gives you faster stats.

To start this cheat, you need a macro that you can download from Google Play. You can also use Nox emulator in case that you are playing the game on PC. This emulator has a built-in macro feature which can let you record the tap based on time and location. With the help of macro you are going to record the way you train your fighters and retrain every time the session has completed. So even you are sleeping or out from work, the train will go on. This is very helpful on early phase where training consumes lesser time.

4. Plan the training. In case that you don’t want to cheat the game. You can still maximize the training and time if you are going to plan it. You are going to plan the way you are going to play the game. In case that you are available to play the game for hours, go for short term training. And if you are not going to play MMA Manager for hours, longer training will benefits you. But of course, in latter part, short term will not be able to do the job so this will work on early to mid game only. But at least you can say to yourself that you play the game without the aid of cheat.

5. Play by following your quest and achievements. If you don’t want to spend your free credit yet and you are planning to go for bigger package, you can get more premium credits from completing your quest and achievements. This will be also your guide on how you are going to make progress in game. Aside from premium currency, you can also get cash and popularity here. Though there are achievements that are difficult to complete, this will be a good challenge so you will not stop making progress and know if you are playing the game right.

6. The game is a matter of stats. The fact is there is no perfect stats that can defeat all opponents. You can’t say that you are going to focus on kick or grab and you can win the game all the way. That is not the case here. I have tried and experimented on every stat and I can say that there is no perfect stats at all. The fight is between you and your opponent stats. So to make it sure that you are going to win more fights, you need to have better stats and that is all that matter. Training is the key.

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