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Miracle Merchant is a brand new game by Tiny Touch Tales. The concept of the game is about the potion brewing spin off of Solitaire. You are an apprentice alchemist in the game. You need to brew potions, mixing different colored ingredients of cards together for adventures. Play this fantastic solitaire game and  you’ll find yourself to the decent challenges that the game offers.

You must know the most important things in Miracle Merchant, Your goal! It is quite simply, just play all the 52 cards  across all four decks and remember, you don’t have to meet the daily challenges in one go just to  complete the game. If you’re a competitive kind of person then you can check your placed and your personal high score every time the game has  ended.

You are a seller of potion and  you’re a responsible for serving adventurer in need who visit your shop. Serve human or monstrous tend to fall  on the adorable side of the adorable spectrum. There are four types of ingredients- green, blue, red and yellow. Black cards is the best thought of a spoiled ingredients. You need to be careful at each potion that you served because it has a possible value or it comes out neutral. Negative potions will be too weak to served, thus ending your game.

Working around black cards is a great source challenges in Miracle Merchant. Throwing them out as two side -by side can give you a four point bonus in the game and this is the ideal way to deal with the problem.

It is glad to know that the animation is engaging and endearing a rare achievement skills that deals you in a black magic in the game.  The game is so addictive whether you’re successfully success or not. It also has a neat original scores that makes you keep on playing which is a sounds of worth. The game is not perfect because sometimes  the game level  is too high  for a lot of players. You can’t check the challenges on – screen during gamelay and it is difficult for you to know where you stand.

Miracle Merchant is a fun game and a very good looking one.  Its a clear dimensional animation but as a great indie edge. The sound effects of the game is so incredible that brings you to the fantasy world. If you are a committed player then find more strategies to accomplish the game.

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