Middle-earth: Shadow of War Guides and Tips

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War is a real-time battles. Lead your team and launch your abilities in attacking your enemies. Fight your way with this endless runner elements. Control your Orc opponent or collect a series of dead. Think your moves and make a unique experience with the award-winning Nemesis System of this game. Gather, use and enhance your champions, all of this controlled by the new rings of power!

Our Middle-earth: Shadow of War Guides and Tips are ready to help you survive in the battles!

1. Know Your Enemies

Every orcs have their own unique abilities so you must be aware of this. Having an information with them is a great way to survive in each difficult level and keep you fresh in every brutal fights with boss. For example: you must keep your soft champions back if your enemy has a spinning attack.

2. Prioritize Your Task

Completing your task is so much necessary in this game. Check your trophy icon to see if there’s any mission to achieve. Complete them all to acquire gems, energy and other items. Prioritize your task because these resources can surely help you throughout the game.

3. Use Your Heals Wisely

At the beginning you should access Lady Marwen. She has a special ability when it comes to healing spells. Simply tap her when her skill is ready. Don’t use her power if your champions is in really good conditions. Wasting her power will put you in a big danger. When your powerful enemy attacks, you should wait for a cooldown timer, well this is not a good idea for this situation. Save your heals and use them wisely.

4. Use Targeting 

In Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, you can target various characters. If you’re using your ability, simply hold and drag your portrait over the enemy you’d like to attack. Double tap your enemy if you want to gang up your champion to them. This is a key to pass out a rough conditions. Defeat your enemy by targeting them quickly but surely.

That’s ll for our  Middle-earth: Shadow of War Guides and Tips. If you have your own strategy then don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below. Enjoy playing!

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