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Actually the game reminds me of playing Kingdom Rush and I believe that there area already mash up from that cool tower defense that you can download and play free. And as for the one that I recently tested is Tower Defense: Magic Quest from Stereo 7, you should also check this newest tower defense that you can play with your Android powered device. Unfortunately the game already received negative reviews from players especially freeze issues and lack of content but anyway being a new game, we are expecting for new updates, fixes on this game. And for those who already playing the game, like me who are always looking forward for a challenge, I want to share to you my experience as well as my strategy guide of playing Magic Quest. I hope these simple guides will help especially newbie players for a better jumpstart. So here we go!

Effective Tower Placement

There are only 4 types of towers in this game and it is not really difficult to formulate on how you should place four. Well if I’m going to show you the exact placement the way I played it from the very first stage up to the last, it will takes me lot of hours to make it possible considering the screenshot and explanation. Also I don’t like you to put in a box and just follow the way I played, instead I will educate you and give you key points on how you can ensure that your towers are placed in the most effective location based on their purpose in game.

Let’s start with archer since this is the first tower that you can build based from the tutorial itself. This is type of tower that can hit single target in high rate of fire which is best when you are dealing with bosses or single enemy as well as taking fast yet unarmored monsters. Archer should be placed on the nearest portal which you need to protect against enemy to reach. This will serve as the last arsenal for enemies that successfully passed your first sets of defense. Even with a concrete combination of tower from your major defense line, still there will be small numbers of enemies which can pass your first sets of towers so ensure that you always have a last resort that can eliminate enemies without messing with accuracy as well as with rate of fire and that is actually a perfect job for archer.

Now let’s go with alarm tower or commonly you will find it in other tower defense game as slow. This tower is very important in game since it is capable of slowing your enemies so your offensive towers can take their time hitting the waves of monsters. This should be placed in advance with your other defensive towers. Make sure that every path can cover with alarm tower.

Next is the Dwarf’s Gunner or commonly known as the splash. This is the type of tower that can damage hordes of monsters at once. It also has a good attack damage that is capable of killing unarmored enemies in just a single blow. The only downside with Dwarf’s gunner is their accuracy since their target is based on AoE instead of aiming for a direct target. This should be placed as your front line which will be the first tower that are going to damage upcoming waves. Since enemies come in group, Dwarf’s Gunner can inflict the highest amount of damage per fire.

And finally for the last tower, the Wizard. They are perfect in dealing armored enemies with a decent amount of damage. They can also attack hordes of enemies at once but unlike with Dwarf’s Gunner they aim on their target so they have a 100% accuracy that they are going to hit them. The only downside with Wizard is their rate of fire compare to Splash and Archer. You can include this to your primary sets of defense tower wherein there is alarm tower that can delay the enemies and let Wizard take all armored enemies in wave.

Start Building your Defense on Bottleneck

I’m really fan of watching war-based movies and the typical strategy of main protagonist do in battle is to ambush their enemies in the bottleneck area and win the fight even they are outnumbered. That strategy also works here since you can ensure that enemies from different portal will take the path wherein you have a defensive towers. Also you don’t need to split your arsenal to protect different path but by simply focusing all your potential on bottleneck area as this will solidify your entire defense mechanism. Compare with other tower defense game wherein you can place your defensive towers anywhere and let you build everything in small radius but not in this game because you have a very limited slots where you can build your tower, you have a limited opportunity to build your tower so the game is not actually power by number. While when it comes in bottleneck, this will only works on the starting phase of the game and somehow as you progress, you should occupy all spot where you can build a tower so you can ensure the effectiveness of your defense.

Take advantage with advertisement video  and pop ups in game

Through this third party ads, you can earn either free elixir which works as your energy so you can play the game and gold that you can spend to upgrade your arsenal. At first place you will find it annoying but if you already understand the purpose of these two in game, you will say that you really want to get involved with the ads. The only thing is that, the ads is limited and you need to wait for a certain minute so you can watch them again.

Don’t spend your gold on spell shop

Spells are really come in handy especially if you really want to get all three stars and you don’t like that idea of even a single enemy to pass by. But actually spells are very expensive especially for starters who can spend their gold to upgrade their towers that can give a permanent boost. If you really want to try these spells, don’t worry you are able to acquire them in game for free and you really don’t need to spend your gold coins for it unless you already reach enough progress and spending 400 gold is not a big issue anymore. But until then, you must save all your coins and spend it for your tower to unlock its full potential in game.

Practice playing with skip

This is common in most tower defense that can bring additional challenge if you are getting bored with the current wave. Well in Magic Quest, there is skull icon that you can tap to skip the wait and bring down the next wave instantly. Ever since I played tower defense, I always practice doing some skip which boost the challenge as well as letting me to know if I’m playing the game right or not. If you can do skip without having a problem, meaning to say that your strategy is effective and this can handle even tough waves. Another good thing with the skip is that you can acquire bonus food by pushing forward to the next wave. But don’t forget that there are exemption wherein skip is not totally recommended. First is when you are not yet complete in eliminating all monsters on the current wave and secondly is when you tend to do a boss fight which requires you more time on eliminating them.

Always summon your warrior as often as possible

Warrior is very effective that work as blocker in game. There is no limit for letting warrior fight for you aside from cooldown. You can actually place them as sacrifice or you can also rely on their damage when dealing with fast and unarmored monsters. In that case, it is pretty obvious that you should use them as often as possible but most of the time, we forgot to place them in battle especially when we are busy building and upgrading our tower. So practice to always summon your warrior every after a cooldown is finished. While for the lightning strike, save them on boss fight or as your last resort if enemies got passed your tower and there is nothing to block them.

Hope this guide will help you complete all levels in Tower Defense: Magic Quest. Actually the game is pretty straight forward and I believe by just following the said guides above, you will never have a problem in completing them all. Although I can’t guarantee you that you are able to collect all three stars from all level since it requires even depth strategy but for just learning the game and formulating your own strategy that will work with your playstyle you can dominate this game entirely. Just enjoy the game and explore everything that you can use as ingredients to play this game effectively. For additional strategy guides, tips or even cheats, you can use the comment form below and write down your very own way of playing Magic Quest. Cheers!


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