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At last before the year end, the cute and merry MMORPG Luna Mobile is released. You can now start collecting and riding fantastic animals, organize romantic weddings and have fun all together. The game is about an adventure in the ancient world where you are going to meet new friends, collect spirits and fantasy animals that you can use to win against the dark forces. The game is perfect for those who like to see cute and attractive visuals from hero and various skill system.

You will start playing the game by selecting your main class from 3 unique characters. From that starting line you can build up your character with adorable outfits and wings that will match your own styles in game. And from the title “luna” this is could be more than a pet in game which will be your buddy in your adventure.

Ultimately from the top of the game’s challenge, there is a PvP that will measure your worth in game. This will be the reason why you will keep on playing for hours in the hopes of being the best player in game. And if you are with us, you can check our cheats and guides for Luna Mobile to keep you arm in tough battle. So let’s go!

1. Auto grinding cheats. From the basic rule of playing RPG, grinding together with farming is your foundation of getting stronger. The rule is simple, the more time you spend in grinding the stronger you become. Luckily we know a cheat that can make this boring part automated. Meaning you can do grinding even you are sleeping or you are out for work. Yes there is raid option in game but this raid is limited especially if you are VIP. Actually this is our main objective in this game, helping those free-to-play players compete even with those cash spender.

For us to continue in this cheat we need first to download a macro. Macro is a good system in cheating game. Not only you can use it in mobile games like this but even in more competitive MMORPG. There is no doubt that this is a good tool for cheating game that is safe to bypass any security measure. Because what appears in game is like you are really playing the game and the command enters through your mouse and keyboard.

In our case here, our friend Google Play can let us download macros for free or you can use Nox emulator and do this cheat on PC. I like using Nox emulator so I won’t be compromised with battery which is the common problem in grinding using mobile device.

Now with your macro ready, find a dungeon that is good to grind. It would be better if you are going to a stage that is close to your progress. Here you can guarantee that you can get decent loots and experience point. You should also consider the difficulty from it since you are going to complete without your presence. So make sure that the auto-battle can complete it without compromise.

Also don’t forget to set your macro in repeat so it will grind 24/7 or until you consume all your energy.

2. Best class in Luna Mobile. You have three characters to select with as you start playing the game. And from this selection there will be countless question of what is the best class in Luna Mobile to play with. Although you can unlock all three characters as you make progress, you still need to pick with your starting character.

To answer this question you need first to get know each character and see what is the best character for you. Yes it is a matter of preferences as character corresponds with the class. So it will be a offense, defense and balanced character. As for warrior this character is for those who want to play tank in game. It has the highest rate of survival and can take lots of punishment from mobbing. In the other part of the game, you can take magician as the character focused on offense. As for me who believe that offense is the best defense, magician is the best class from the three. And for the last class, the assassin which come as the balanced class in this game on both defense and offense as it is melee and burst at the same time.


3. Play on newest server. On every newly opened server there is a welcome festival event that players can enjoy. This event lasts on 7 days on every new server. Here you can claim rewards from level, BR, dungeon, minion and awakening reward. This is based on your progress in game. And with the auto grinding cheat I believe that this won’t be a problem. This is also your chance to get premium rewards and gold which is good for a jumpstart. If you can’t see this event in the server you are playing, better wait for a new server to come. This is mobile game and like the others, there will be a new server on every week or even with shorter interval.

4. Acquiring minion easily. The easiest way to acquire a guarantee rare minion is through summon. All you have to do is to save all the premium currency you get in game until you have enough for 10 times summon. This can be installment and you will get a guaranteed minion once you complete the 10 times deal. You can also get good equipment from this as well as treasure. If you want to invest on premium currency, this is the best way to spend it.

5. Add friends. Just like with mobile games, you can enjoy the social feature of the game by adding friends. Here you can check my buddies, together with buddy ranking the people nearby which can let you add friends from random people who are near to you. With friends system you can send buddy points which you can use in spending some item in game. So the more friends you have, the easier for you to earn this buddy point. Just make sure that your list is full of active friends who want to give-and-take with you.

6. Complete your quests. In game there are sets of task that you can complete in return of rewards. There are quests that deals with storyline, battle, arena, equipment and minion. Aside from event this is a good source of premium currency that you can use to summon minion and rare equipment. This is the fact that even you are not going to spend money in game,. you can still get legendary minion from summon using the free gems you can get events and quest.

7. Consider the in-game guide. The game itself will guide you on how you can level up faster, getting rare equipment and increasing your battle rating. In this window, the game will suggest things that you can do such as in leveling up faster, there is a suggestion on challenging dungeon where you can get massive amount of experience point. This is where our auto grinding cheats will come in handy.

That’s it and we hope that this Luna Mobile guides will help you. If you want to add something in my list or want some clarification especially on grinding part, you can send your question through comment form below. Enjoy!

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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