Lion Hearts: Final Clash Guides and Tips

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Lion Hearts: Final Clash is an epic RPG actions. Fight demons and monster or battle friend-enemy to become the bravest warrior. Jump to this epic battles and prove yourself. Control the battlefield with your strength and strategy and be the best leader of the world!

Our Lion Hearts: Final Clash Guides and Tips is here to help you get started in the game.

1.  Select Your Hero

At the beginning of the game you’ll choose your character that you’re going to use in your entire game. Choose wisely because this character will fight for you at your battles. Keep in mind that every character has their own unique skills and designed independently. Fight as a Warrior, Mage, Knight and Priest.

  • Warrior – His real name is Flint. He’s loyal to the study of the sword. His goal is simple: Fight any and all who dare face him in order to improve his skills.
  • Mage- Her real name is Flamera. She’s  a highly skilled mage that goods in controlling fire. She is able to summon meteorites, which destroy class of enemies with peace.
  • Knight- His real name is Florence. He follows the light and pursues Justice. He has the protection of Light, aim to defend the kindhearted and delete evil from this world.
  • Priest – Her real name is Devo. She is the goddess of the Elves and protector of the Moon. Moonlight radiates from her skin, she can heal the wounded and purify those infected by evil.

2. Understand The Gameplay 

This is a fantasy RPG game so obviously you’ll have to play  it with your own unique style and strategy. Think a great strategy and you can swiftly complete mission and battles faster. Summoned your squad members. Lion Hearts: Final Clash is  totally  multiplayer game where you can meet new real player with their team and see how they think. Simply choose whether you like to be their alliance or attack and defeat them, its your choice. Remember, if you gonna attack them make sure you know your power and if they have strong characters to not found yourself dead and defeated. So, the better advice here is, make them an alliances so that you’ll become stronger against other players.

3. Upgrade Your Character

Your character is the one who will fight enemies so you must upgrade them as soon as possible to conquer enemies harder. Upgrade your chosen warrior with the skills you learn from fighting in intense, fast-paced battles. Enhancing gear is important too. It’s the best way to unlock its hidden potential! Remember hits, or you’re bound to get totally destroyed by the demons.

4. Complete Your Objectives

You’ll receive many mission to accomplish and in every completion there’s always a reward such as items, gear, coins in the end. Finish them all as much as you can and you’ll get another greater rewards. Prepare your team for every mission you may encounter. Like I’ve said earlier, you must upgrade your character to get these faster and easier. Gather all the equipment as you progress in the game and tell the world what skills you have!

5. Claim Your Free Items

Check in and sign-in everyday to get your free items. As you continue doing this the better rewards you may get. Put this in your priorities because this is one of the most important source of getting resources in the game.

6. Other Tips in Lion Hearts: Final Clash

  • Release you powerful skills if you have enough rage.
  • You can see superb treasure in Borderlands: Beast, Skill Scrolls, etc.
  • Beast and their auras will enhanced the stats of a heroes.
  • Change your formation if can’t  beat an enemy

That’s all for our Lion Hearts: Final Clash Guides and Tips. If you want to share your own strategy then let us know in the comments below! Enjoy the game.

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