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When it comes to graphics I can say that this is the turn-based version of Heroes of Incredible Tales. So if you are looking for such a game with great graphics for mobile platform, you must play Lineage Red Knights. In this game you will take your adventure to the world full of heroes, pets, building up your equipment and joining a guild. The game also has high competitive system that encourage players to be serious in game which leads on spending cash or doing different tricks. In addition to the game feature, players are expected to enjoy intriguing stories and cut scenes. You will start playing with the Death Knight that is now going to fight on your side. Ultimately the most interesting part is the 5v5 Colesseum matches where you need to fight with strategy along with your teammate.

Unfortunately from what we had experienced in playing Lineage Red Knights this is just another pay-to-win mobile game where you can spend money and be on the top of the competition. This what makes most mobile games get spoiled and for players to quit competing as it just end on the same scenario of cash based game.

That is why we are here to share to you Lineage Red Knights  cheats and guides on for you to dominate the game even without spending cash. Let’s go!

1. Automated Grinding and Farming cheats. This is how we dominated Heroes of Incredible Tales and since the game has major similarity with HIT we tested and proven that this cheat also work in Lineage Red Knights. This is about turning grinding and farming in full auto. You can just let the auto-pilot play the game then you can sleep or go to work. In RPG grinding is your foundation of getting stronger and that is why even a hardcasher can never defeat a guy who grind a lot. For us to do it first we need to download a free application from Google Play that can do record tap. The concept of this is saving the action/tap we did in grinding and then play it in infinite loop. We know that there is auto-battle/skill in game but we can’t still  do the full auto grinding with it since you need to interact in game everytime you end the fight for confirming your victory, as well as deciding either going for a new stage, playing on the same stage again or going back to the base. So with the addition of this simple trick we can have a full auto.

For the application we use Repetitouch (free) as we found it reliable when it comes to CPU usage. We need a tool that can works for hours without interruption. And if you really want an interruption especially with battery issue, you can play through Nox emulator which can let you pla  Android games on PC. Because you are playing in PC you don’t need to worry with your battery. And the best with the emulator is the built-in script recorder which works the same with Repetitouch.

If you already installed either of the two we can start the cheat by finding a good level to grind with. You think about a stage that you recently completed. A level where you can get enough loots and experience point but you can easily defeat even without manually playing for it. Try to venture different stages you had beaten and decided which gives you lot of advantage. You need to take it seriously because you are going to grind on it the whole time unless you have a plan to set a record from time to time.

With a good stage to grind we can start our first step. Run the recorder and then play the stage just like you normally do. Just make sure that you are x2 speed and auto fight are already turned on before recording. We need to complete the stage as faster as possible while turning on this both feature will make everything easy. Once you completed the stage confirm the victory and then go for retry and this will direct you to the part you started the record. Once you complete the cycle or your first run, stop and save the recorded action. Play it in infinite loop and you will have auto grinding and farming cheats.

2. Redeem gifts from Lineage Red Knights promo codes. If you had successfully pre-registered for this and you given a coupon code, you can redeem your free gifts by going to option and then coupon. There you need to enter a coupon code for rewards. If you missed the event, don’t worry because you can still get rewards from other events in game that we are going to share below.

3. Check your mail for rewards. Everything that you get from the game will be directed to your mailbox instead of inventory. You better check your mailbox from time to time so you can update yourself if there are rewards that you can get from check-in event, promo codes, friend’s gift and etc. Also you must claim it before the date indicated or you will never see these rewards again.

4. Acquiring Legendary Pets. There is a trick for you to get a guaranteed higher tier pet from summoning. To get a 5-star pet you have two options to pick it. Either rerolling that will test your patience or a guaranteed way through spending diamonds. For re-rolling you need to reset the game every time you missed to get a 5-star pet in the beginning where you are entitled to draw for free. Just clear the data to reset the game and then play it to the part that you will be given a free draw for a chance of 5-star. This is all about luck so you need patience as higher tier comes less chance of getting it. For a guarantee yet requires much effort, you can go for premium Summonstone. But this time you will not go for a common way of summoning but on x10 summon. Most players when they have diamond they are going to spend it for standard diamond summon. From what we learned in Heroes of Incredible Tales and how we got our Immortal equipment, the trick is to save all the diamonds you had claimed for free until you have enough for x10 with guaranteed higher tier summon.

5.  Add friends for rewards. The fact is the more friends you have the more gifts you can claim from them. Take advantage the friend system by simply adding random players. Thanks for friend system, you spam other players with add me. Just go to chat and there you will see players whom you can send a friend request. Just make sure that you are not only asking for gift but also active in sending them even to those players who are not asking you. It is a common sense to send them rewards while filtering those who are not generous enough to participate in give-and-take system.

6. Complete your mission. In Lineage Red Knights you have 5 different missions that categorized in daily, standard, colosseum, tower of insolence and challenge. Every category has different difficulty. Daily mission comes in easy task that is possible for you to complete in less than 24 hours. Mission is your standard task that based on your current progress. This will tell you how well you do in game. If you can complete it without having a problem, meaning you are playing the game effectively. For Colosseum this is where your task is based on your progress in Colesseum or PvP feature of the game that goes the same with tower of insolence and challenge. Make sure to complete your mission so you will do something different from your daily grind. It is not healthy for you to focus on just cheating Lineage Red Knights as it will spoil everything in game. Also what I really like in mission are the rewards you can claim upon completing it. Here your chance to get premium rewards including diamonds, gold, and lot more.

7. Claim your rewards from daily log-in. We mentioned free diamonds above which you need to get legendary pet. Well the obvious way of getting free diamonds is through check-in. Here you don’t need to do anything about the game. Just log in and claim your rewards based on how many days you are playing. The longer the streak the better reward you can claim. This is to encourage players to be in game daily. Also unlike with obvious pay-to-win game that VIP players are able to get double rewards, here double reward come in random so everyone has a chance to draw x2 rewards.

8. Play on newest server for events. You should play on the newest server so you can enjoy the Starter’s Check-in Event which is able to give you a free 4-star bapho soulstone. If you missed this event, you better drop that game and start on a newest server so you are entitled to get these free gifts in Lineage Red Knights. If you are playing on the most recent server released but the event is already unavailable, just try everything in game to discover and wait for the new server. This is mobile game and there will be always a new server from time to time.

That’s all for my cheats and guides. If you have question or anything you found difficult to understand regarding with what I shared above,  you can use the comment section below for your inquiry. I will get back to you as soon as I received your message. Enjoy!

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