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I hope this game will not get underrated just like what happened on Crusaders of Light. Talking about the real MMORPG on mobile platform where there is an open world boss, open world grinding and farming, PvP, guild war etc, I have only few games on my list. Personally I like Crusaders of Light in terms of content and graphics but since it has a very low playerbase, I decided to quit and find a new MMORPG and hope Lineage 2 Revolution will not share the same fate with CoL.

After months of playing Crusaders of Light, I discovered cheat that is also working on Lineage2 Revolution. This cheat will help you level up faster, (reach level 31 in just few hours), and farm very efficiently. So check my tricks and some useful guides for playing Lineage 2 Revolution below:

1. Easy leveling and farming cheat. How easy it is, it is like getting currency and experience in triple times. The trick here is to create a three accounts to complete a DPS, Tank, Support team. This is possible if you are going to play Lineage 2 Revolution on PC using Nox. Nox is an android emulator that is capable of running multiple instances as long as your PC can handle. So you can create more than 3 characters but as for my preferences, I want to stay on each class and maximize their potential on every role.

Since the three characters are yours, it is given that all loots and currency will be yours too. So you have triple income with this set up. With experience points, all characters will get the same amount from the monster they slay. The same system with experience points so this will help you reach the 2nd job in no time.

2. How to acquire legendary items easily. This trick that I used in Crusaders of Light to get 5-star weapon easily and I found it also effective in this game. All we need to do is to earn enough gem to avail the 10+1 package. This will gives you a guarantee of higher tier equipment. Just don’t get tempted for single draw if you are really aiming for legendary gear.

3. Add friends. In case that playing on Nox emulator is not possible for you, you can still get the advantage of party adding active friends and talk them if they are willing to play the way you are Lineage 2 Revolution. Also you can ask them if they can manage to make a schedule based on your availability. This will let you cover the round-the-clock schedule. Adding friends will also help you earn social point which you can exchange on in-game items.

LR 9

4. Participate on event. The game is not all about grinding and farming. And if you do that, you will get tired and maybe you are going to quit just for couple of weeks playing. The game offers lots of content to check with especially event that will compensate you upon participating. This will be your chance to get premium currency so you can avail a 10x draw. I mentioned it above but I’m not saying that you need to spend money in this game because there are several ways to earn free gems in game one of it is through joining events.

5. Adjust your auto battle setting. You can check setting and then battle tab to see the option you can do with your HP potion, MP potion, auto Healing, Auto battle radius and etc. This will saves you a lot of pots while doing auto grinding/farming. Think about you are farming in this manner. You are doing for silver, so make sure you are doing it right by not wasting potions.

6. Log-in daily. The game offers two kinds of log-in reward system. First is the daily log in where you can claim currency by staying on specific time in game such as 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 40 minutes, and 60 minutes. Secondly on monthly log-in where the basis is per day. All you have to do is to log-in to the game and claim your rewards daily and you can log out as simple as that.

That’s it. And I assure you by follow the guides we shared, you can reach the top of leaderboard in just few days. Don’t forget to share this to your friends who are also playing Lineage 2 Revolution. And if you want to share your own tips and tricks.

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