Light x Shadow Strategy Guide


Light X Shadow is a MOBA with 3d manga graphic design which you can play on your mobile devices. Just like in classic Massively online battle arena in android devices, you can do a 5v5 match up on both PVP and PVE system. As the game is on early release, you have access to a 20 distinct heroes and 7 fairies. The game has also a social feature wherein you can make friends in game, chat, dance, and celebrate victories.

Compare to other popular MOBA Light X Shadow has smoother internet connection issue. It is the fact that the game use low graphics quality that reflects on the connectivity matters of the game. Regardless of being on 2D graphics the excitement and competition is still on edge. So to play this game effectively, I would like to share to you strategy guides on playing Light X Shadow.

1. Know and play on your role. In any MOBA you have part in game that you need to play in order for you to win the game. It doesn’t matter how good you are, this is team based game so you need to play with a team. Technically good players know how to deal with it. But ironically most players simply disregard teamwork. What is on their mind is how they can make a score against the opposing team. To understand this case, I recommend to play with a role. And for you to play with a role, let me guide you on what is the available role in Light X Shadow and help you decide what is the best for you.

Support – I will discuss it first since this is the least favored role in game. Opposing to what I mentioned about making score, support should be played in opposite. As a support you need to give all the possible score to your carry. By doing this, it doesn’t mean that you are the least important. The fact is, everyone is important in MOBA and support is also important as carry or other role. Support commonly comes with tank character or crowd control.

Carry – I mentioned this above, and carry is the main arsenal of the team. Usually comes in both magical and physical. Only the physical or they called it AD Carry has no cooldown limitation so they are very effective on teamfight and end game phase. Carry is the main priority of Support. As a carry it requires advanced skill as everyone is looking at you including your opponent. Carry must know how to have a good position wherein he/she can do most damage. He needs also to survive longer and must be always on clash or else it will be a losing team.

Tank – The best role of tank is being an initiator. They are the frontliner and as an initiator you need to be good in decision making. You are a tank and you can take most damage for your team but it doesn’t mean that you need to die in battle. You need to set everything up for your teammate as well as annoying your opponent carry so it will affect their damage output.

Burst damage – Having the best damage that relies on his ability. The threat to anyway class including tank. They can do single damage but it is really deadly especially when you have advantage throughout the game. Just like AD Carry it needs also to be protected as they are focus on offensive that can turn the tide for both teams.

2. Always play with objective. As a team you have objective. So what is your objective in game. Many players found the concept wrong as team objective is opposite from what they want to do – to kill and make a score. Objective is winning the game and to be exact you really don’t need to put killing as your priority to obtain this objective. Killing is just an option in case that your opponent is hindering you in your objective. As part of your objective you need to farm so it will help you throughout the game. You need to be efficient in farming. Most of the time, players are giving less priority on farming as they are focus on chasing a kill. Now that you are playing for objective, you should always aim for farming and winning the game.

3. Role mastery. It will be better if you are going to play on a single role and master it. Even in Esports they have role and they are focused on it. If you are playing on a single you can easily master the mechanics on it especially on each hero that is designated for it. If you mastered a role you are confident on playing on it and it will be a lesser chance for you to make a mistake in performing your role. With role mastery, I suggest on having a team rather than playing with random people as it will make a big issue of you can’t arrange the role smoothly.

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